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Getting office buildings for sale that match your preferences is important. An office space can either break or boost productivity in your business. With so many office buildings listed for sale, it is often quite difficult for someone to get the perfect premises especially if your experience in this field is limited.

Office space plays an important role in boosting productivity of your employees. You get the right office space, your employees will be more productive, you get the wrong office space, your business will slow down since the employees will be unmotivated. Below are some of the things that you need to look at when choosing office buildings listed for sale.

Choosing the Location

The first factor under location is safety and security. If the office buildings listed for sale seem to be cheap, there is often a reason for that.  Your business staff and other visitors will feel to be safe if they are visiting a location with a good reputation. Most of your employees are likely to spend more than 8 hours in the office meaning that having a secured neighborhood is a priority. Also consider the means of transport that will be used by the employees and visitors to reach your location.

Are there appropriate transport links nearby? How easy can one get into your business premises? The common question for the city center office location is how nearest to the subway or rail line your building is. Also consider other means of transport such as the automobiles.

If you are planning to move your location, it is important to sit down with the employees and understand how your moving will affect them. You can also come up with a travel plan to identify the alternative routes for your visitors and employees.

Another important location factor to consider is the presence of amenities nearby. Are there locations where the people can buy their lunch? What is the nearest location where you can take out your clients for a lunch or a meal? Life still goes on even when the people are in the office. Find an appropriate space near a pharmacy or a shopping area and your staff will forever be grateful.

Locating your business in a trendy neighborhood is important as it will give your business a good reputation as an upcoming business startup. You will get more clients who are willing to try out your services or products.

Choosing from the Available Office Buildings for Sale

Is that office building secured? No one likes working in unsecured office environment. The first thing that you need to ask yourself is how secured the office building is. Will you need extra security to man the building? What are the most recent break-ins that have taken place?


Reception in the building is also important. Is there a good customer service in the building? Even if the members of the staff found at the front desk are not your own, it is important to ensure that they are delivering the best reception services.

Future Construction

It is also important to inquire about future construction works. Moving into a new building and realizing later that the floor above you is being renovated means that you will have to endure the noises from these buildings for months.

Maintenance Practices

What are the maintenance practices on the building? The best way of learning about the maintenance practices on a building is inquiring from the existing tenants. Find out how the office building managers are maintaining the building. Get to know the quality of their services.

Can you access the building at all times? If your staff will be accessing the building outside the office hours, you will need to consider how easy it is for them to do so. Presence of 24-hour security is so important.

Parking Space

Is there adequate parking space? It is important to know what you will do to your car or bike when you get to the office. Your clients will also be visiting you from time to time and they need to have an adequate parking space.

Are there competitors in your building? If there is a rival firm in your office space, there are high chances that they can easily take away your potential clients and or steal your business secrets. Choose a location where there are less competitors or none to avoid business rivalry.

Office Space

Is there enough room to locate your office? If you have just hired an office design company, you can ask them to carry out a test to fit the office space before making a decision on the property. By doing that, you will ensure that you are getting the right office space.

It is also important to ascertain how much freedom you will be having to make the office space to be your own. If you carry out decorations for your office space, will you be required to return the space as neutral as you found it?

There are also some factors you can easily forget when you are viewing an empty space while the windows are closed. Have a look at the acoustics of the internal office space. An echoing office space can be annoying to the employees. External sound can also make working uncomfortable.

Is there enough room to expand? If you are hoping to expand your office space soon, make sure you have chosen adequate space to expand your business.


Getting the right office space is important for every business. There are a number of factors that you need to put into consideration apart from the money you will spend. A combination of the above factors will get you an appropriate office space when looking at the office buildings for sale.

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