Tips for Training with your Smartphone

If you are working out every day, your phone is probably your loyal companion. You listen to music, maybe even text or talk to somebody. But smartphones can be used for many different reasons that can help you achieve your performance goals.

But, of course, first, you have to have the optimal workout gear, because reaching the peak of performance requires good quality and comfortable workout clothes, more info on this website here.

Smartphones can monitor your health, track your workout progress, and even improve your exercise plans. There is an app for almost everything. Here are some tips for using them efficiently and getting the most out of your workouts.

Running and Workouts Plans

Many apps can track your running distance, speed, and calories burned during your run, like RunKeeper and NikeRunningClub. They use GPS technology to track how far you ran or biked and then computes the calories from the data you submitted about your height and weight. They collect and store data that you can study even more and compare with your current data, which can give you a detailed picture of your progress for months, and even years.

Some apps can make your entire workout plans and yoga routines. Choose the best that suits your needs, and the results will come.

Calorie Counting

This is important, especially if you are trying to lose weight or your weight is essential to your performance. We all know the formula for weight loss: the amount of calories you put in has to be less than the number of calories that you spend. But make sure that they are both in a healthy limit.

One benefit of these apps is, of course, knowing your caloric intake, but there is also a hidden perk, of course, depending on which app you choose to use, and that is that tracking your calories will make it harder for you to eat junk food and help you to focus on whole foods. This is because a lot of apps, like Chronometer, for example, do not have a lot of prepackaged meals in their database. Making your diet more natural and less processed is just as crucial for weight loss as the number of calories you eat.

Health aspect

Although you will require a gadget to help you track this kind of data, acquiring one will bring a lot of benefits if your tracking your daily health is crucial to you, which it should be. Many phones have built-in heart rate apps, like Samsung, for example, where they can extract your pulse from your finger when you put it on the phone to get a reading. You can connect your food-tracking and exercise apps to your health app to get the best picture of your overall health.

You can even track more personal health aspects. For example, if you have diabetes, you can install an app that will help you to manage your condition. Popular apps include Track 3 Diabetes Planner, Glucose Buddy, and OnTrack Diabetes. Many of these apps allow you to track glucose, weight, activity, and carbohydrates. They also allow you to track your medications. Some may even offer an insulin calculator.

Track your sleep

Do not think as you training as only the part where you workout. Sleep is also an essential aspect of your fitness level. Establish a sleeping routine and get the rest your body needs to be energized for tomorrow’s workout session. Some apps track you while you sleep, tracking your movements, sleep stages, and sleep history over multiple nights. They also help wake you up at the optimal time.


There are a lot of apps that offer you a social network where you can share your progress with others. For example, MyFitnessPal offers you to share your achievements with your friends. There is nothing better for motivation and accountability than having a community to support you and challenge you.




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