Things to Do Before Starting Your eLearning Business

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So you’ve finally decided to take the online plunge. Good on you!

Now that you’re ready to create your very own eLearning business, you must be wondering how to start. The options are plenty, and there’s nothing right or wrong. However, the basics remain the same. You will have to go through the rigours of setting up a business from scratch and seeing it develop into an entity bigger than you imagined.

With this blog piece, we aim to give you an understanding of things that need to be done well before you start your eLearning venture. Read on to know more.

Identify your niche

Yes, you are great at creating online eLearning solutions; however, if those modules are not targeted at the right people, then all your efforts will go to waste.

To start your eLearning endeavour on a positive note, identify your audience and look to cater to their needs and offer you eLearning solutions accordingly.

Take help from an LMS marketing platform that will not only help you identify your niche but also market your eLearning content to the right people at the right time.

Find Answers to Common Problems

The primary reason why someone comes looking for an eLearning module is to help get answers to a problem. As a solutions provider, you need to think of ways in which your content will rise above the competition.

There are the tried and tested methods that increase eLearning engagement and ensure your subscribers get the best value out of their investment in your eLearning services. Choose from options like creating high quality videos, adding gamification values like leaderboards, points etc. or even have a blended learning format where you conduct online classes in conjunction with the already available material.

Like we stated in the first point, a good understanding of your niche will also help you create content that is useful for your target audience.

Analysing Performance

While your eLearning solutions give your subscribers a great way to find solutions for their issues. You will also need a mechanism to gauge your success. Evaluating the users is a known way of figuring out your module’s efficacy. By getting the participants to answer questions, or by filling out online surveys, you will gather invaluable data that will lead to an improvement in your eLearning creation techniques.

As an eLearning business, you will have to make use of multiple methods to gather this information and all these strategies would need to be thought out well in advance.


It all boils down to the financials. After all, you are running a business to make some amount of profit. Pricing your eLearning services have to be done while keeping these basic things in mind:

  • The way your competition prices its products
  • Number of hours spent on developing your content
  • Your expertise in the niche

While pricing your eLearning content lower than your competitor’s might seem like a good starting option. But it will only attract people who are looking to save a few dollars. Hence a well thought out pricing strategy should be in place before you start developing your eLearning content.

Final Words

eLearning as a business offers vast opportunities; however with those opportunities come certain risks that can be negated with the help of a planned approach. While starting on your eLearning journey, keep the above mentioned points in mind, and your business will soon flourish beyond expectations.

This was our attempt to help you get your bearings right before entering the world of eLearning. Add your inputs or let us know what you think in the comments section.


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