These 5 Trends That are Changing the TV Industry

The Times They Are a-Changin – even though it is a famous song by the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bob Dylan, but no one can deny how true it is today!

Everything is changing around us. It was revealed that TV ownership has dropped for the first time since 1992. At the same time, Neilson reported that TV viewership has increased significantly. Also, it is widely observed that people have started to opt for different streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix. However, there are still some that prefer watching television thanks to different service providers like Spectrum TV,and others who go above and beyond just to take care of their entertainment needs. 

5 Trends That are Changing the Television Industry  

Over the years, the TV industry has seen a lot of changes. Let's delve deeper and discuss some of them.

1. The Rise of 3D Movies & Content

The technology for the TV industry is continuously evolving and 3D content is the crux of innovation. The 3D movies on cinema screens offer the viewers a larger than life viewing experience. Now, you can also experience the same level of immersion with 3D TVs. However, they come at quite an expensive price tag, which doesn't make this tech quite accessible for the consumers.

3D TV tech still needs improvement and progress. The 3D movies and content have consumption that will continue to grow.

2. Greater Content Creativity

From streaming services to mushrooming on-demand platforms, you have access to edgier and creative content as an audience. Compared to the earlier times, the content options for TV have become extremely dynamic. TVs today give the viewers much more flexibility and allows the streaming giants to take more creative risks.

The audiences now have options to binge-watch the content when they and how they want to. The studios and platforms are taking up the challenge of curating high quality and ambitious projects that lure the audiences towards screens.

More than ever, the mighty corporations are now formulating mergers to produce big-budgeted projects. The partnerships are opening more avenues for new and fresh content. Consuming content at your own pace and with greater accessibility upgrades the overall TV watching experience.

3. Optimization is at the Forefront of the TV Industry

With smart devices, TVs, and screens, whether it's the content or the advertisements everything is optimized. Based on your viewing preferences, and demographics, the ads, and content are curated. Additionally, the optimization parameters have become extremely accurate. Programming companies can easily curate specific ads targeted towards families or kids. For instance, ads are finely targeted to appeal to the buyers, as women like sleeker TV tech compared to males in 30s who want huge screens for their sporting events.

The content customization and ad optimization show that the TV industry is willing to engage with their user's pulse and quirks. This optimization helps to streamline the decision-making process for the consumers.

4. Social Media Interacts with TV

The TV viewing experience for the average view has undergone a massive evolution. Earlier watching TV was a dedicated activity, however, now the viewing experience is more of a multitasking activity. Following your favorite program on a flat-screen while working out on the treadmill or surfing the internet and chatting simultaneously has become a norm.

Similarly, the social media buzz around the programming content also helps to generate engagement and conservation. The viewer has many platforms to share and voice their opinions in a much effective manner. Watching your favorite show and live-tweeting about it during the airtime is a phenomenon.

5. TV Embraces the Internet

As stated above how people have started to ditch cable TV in favor of streaming services like those mentioned above, different TV manufacturers have started to design internet-enabled models. This has allowed different companies to adapt to the changing behaviors of the consumers.

For instance, Sony's search-centric Google TV. This television allows people to search for their favorite shows like 'Comedians in Car Getting Coffee' by using their Spectrum internet, can see its airing time along with the cast members and other information on IMDb. They can even use YouTube on TV.

There are many other ways through which you can stream the content on your television through devices like Boxee Bee. The symbiosis between television, the internet, and apps can help this industry thrive.


The TV is undergoing a major shift with new technologies and driving innovation. In such a variable transition through the years, different service providers are offering their users a hassle-free viewing experience. The average TV user has now an array of channels, streaming platforms, and high-quality content at their disposal at all times. The television industry is definitely evolving with leaps and bounds offering people an optimized experience for their viewing pleasure.

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