The Latest Developments In Car Entertainment

Car trips can be long and draining. but the latest developments in car entertainment, which were showcased at the CES tech show, can make car rides a lot more exciting. A standout development is the introduction of an integrated virtual reality system, but Connect Travel and Intel's second-row TV shows promise as well. Recent statistics show that the market for in-car entertainment is set to grow by about 8 percent between 2019 and 2026. This means more innovative and user-friendly developments in car entertainment are on the horizon.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality headsets produce a virtual experience that can make a videogame, movie, or a show feel much more immersive. Recently, Audi has put virtual reality in their Q4 E-Tron, as well as in other car models or types. The integration between the virtual reality headset and the car is what makes this advancement special. When the car turns, the game turns as well. The same happens when the car accelerates or breaks. The technology will also be used for television and movies in the future, making your car journeys a little more interesting.

Connected travel:

Connected Travel allows you to make the most of your apps when driving. It sits in the center dashboard and comes with an additional tablet for passengers. It makes changing music and podcasts effortless, as well as using other apps to pay for things like tollgate payments. The apps are simplified for easy use. It learns the user's habits and practices, so it can recommend entertainment efficiently. And a cool feature for kids is a series of minigames that react to what the car is doing in real-time (the car goes forward, the character goes forward, for example).

Intel's second row TV:

A simple but genius idea, Intel has removed the second-row seats from a BMW X5 and added a large TV. The passengers sit in the third row and watch a movie in comfort. It also projects it onto the windows. The vehicle is customized, so it can be remotely summoned with your phone. A digital assistant then confirms your destination and the TV pops up. Alongside entertainment, you can also view your map position, your intended route, and an estimated time of arrival.

It's just a concept for now, but it could be on the market soon.
There have been lots of great developments in car entertainment this year. A trend seems to be integrating virtual reality or a tablet display into the car, with Audi's virtual reality being the most impressive blend of driving experience and entertainment.

But more old-school upgrades like a pop-up TV are also likely to become popular. And with the market set to grow in the coming years, be sure to look out for more great developments in in-car entertainment tech. 

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