The Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing for Small Business

You must be looking for ways to promote your business in a different way. You can use YouTube marketing to promote your business. YouTube is one of the most popular websites with over a billion active users. You have to make quality and creative content to promote your business with YouTube.

In this article, I will show you how you can promote your small business on YouTube. Also, some creative, simple, and engaging video ideas will help you to create content.

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Is YouTube Marketing Suitable for Your Business?

As I said before, YouTube is one the most popular websites, and it’s the second most popular search engine according to Google. According to 2020 statistics, 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. So it’s obvious that there is a huge competition in this platform as you can see its popularity.

If you want to be a successful businessman on YouTube, you need to make quality video content and choose the right time to upload it. All of this to say that you need a proper business plan for successful marketing on YouTube. 

Another reason why YouTube is so popular is that it has high-quality, attractive videos that engage people. Video marketing is the best way to engage with people. You can also use these videos on your social media platform, in your website’s landing pages, and other channels you have for your consumers.

Video production isn’t as difficult as it looks. It doesn’t cost that much, and you don’t need to invest in equipment. It’s a great showcase platform if you sell products as it can show its uses. You can also expand your products to reach and generate more customers.

Marketing Strategy on YouTube

Just like starting marketing on other platforms, you need a perfect strategy for marketing on YouTube as well. You need to decide what your goals are and the content you want to share to attract people to your products. You can use influencers to make product videos on your channel to gather audiences.

Your goal is to achieve:

  1. Click-through rates and viewers
  2. Engagement
  3. Subscribers

You need to focus on your daily progress on YouTube. Check statistics and make plans to improve your video quality for viewers.   

Maintain Consistency and Content

It’s important for you to create new content and post it to gain more reach. Most of the successful channels maintain a regular schedule. These YouTubers also maintain their content in social media as well. The most perfect time to upload your content is the weekend.

According to YouTube statistics, most video viewers watch on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Once you acknowledge your timing for uploading your videos, you can be a successful YouTuber, too. 

Types of Marketing Video You can Create

It all depends on the types of videos you love to create. Creative ideas in a video can attract more audiences to your channel. It is worth your time to research how other YouTube content creators create their content. You have to provide what your audience wants.

Here are some ideas you can use to create videos worth of marketing on YouTube:

  • List videos are often viewed a lot. A perfect example of this type of video creating channel would be Watchmojo. It’s basically a video containing a list of something, such as, “Top 10 ____.” It is very generic, but yet also engaging to viewers.
  • Tutorial videos are a helping hand for the viewers. It shows the viewers how to do different kinds of stuff. It can be on any topic. If you have software as your marketing, then you can create how to use that software and get the best outcome.
  • Behind the scenes videos give the viewer to see how the real video was made. It requires productivity to share your behind the scenes video with your audience .
  • The best way to boost your marketing is by making videos on your Product. Product videos will showcase what the product is for and its different functions.
  • A documentary of your company or channel will show the viewers your origin story. Achievements and future goals can also be shown in this type of video.
  • An interview is an excellent way to attract a new audience. The interview can be of any well-known people or influencers from the same genre as your company.

Managing Your Channel

Now you have your YouTube marketing strategy and video ideas, all you need to do is focus on managing your channel properly. You need to engage people as it’s one of the biggest parts of your videos.

A good way to manage your account is to respond to people’s comments. Agorapulse can pre-moderate your comments, moderate, and respond to your channel. It is also easily accessible via a dashboard, which lets you see all of your mentions in a video or a comment. There’s also a CRM tool that helps you keep in touch with your subscribers and connections as well as finds necessary keywords to better optimize your video.

Here are some tips to engage more people with your videos:

  • Being super active in replying and responding to comments.
  • Note the engaging options for your future videos.
  • Q&A videos engage viewers to leave more comments.
  • Use the community to post GIFs and/or pictures to reach more audiences organically.

YouTube Video SEO Strategy

You have to maintain the quality of your content. It's one of the important things. But you also need to make your content visible on the search engine so that people can find your videos easily. For this, you need to focus on your keywords so that people can find out what your channel is about. You need to use proper video tags, calculate the total watch hour, and promote your videos across varying social media platforms so that you can gain more views and subscribers. 

Success for YouTube Marketing

If you use your YouTube channel correctly you can expand your subscribers and interested customers. You should plan your approach on YouTube. Creating the various types of videos will reach out to the different types of audiences you hope to engage.

Be in touch with your audience by replying to their comments, answering questions, and being open to criticism of your work. Using strategic keywords will help you gain more subscribers. So be sure you create the best video to engage a lot of people. Also, optimize your videos by SEO in order to get more shoutouts in the search engines.

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