Telesales and Digital Marketing: Pros and Cons

Success in business most of the time is a function of having the right products and also effectively reaching out to prospective customers. Hence, having a good quality product is not always good enough, the product must be marketed using multiple channels to ensure adequate awareness is created for it. In the highly competitive world of business, one of the major roles of the entrepreneur is to evolve new channels of communication with existing and prospective customers alike.

In a highly saturated world of content, media, and ads being thrown in the face of consumers, the right marketing combination is required to get the best results. Telemarketing is a personalized marketing approach that allows businesses to directly reach out to their prospective clients.

Apparently, the combination of digital marketing and telesales is an effective marketing strategy that can enhance the profitability of the business organization. While there are positive attributes of digital marketing and telesales to business, the side effect needs to be considered as well before a decision is made on adopting it.  

Merits of Telesales and Digital Marketing

1. Personalized Approach

Digital marketing helps to generate leads which if properly harnessed could become customers of the business. After the potential customers have been identified, telesales makes it possible to reach out to them individually and this can increase their interest in trying out the product or services being pitched to them. T

o maximize the benefits of digital marketing and telesales, it is better that the prospective customer should be reached out to either through mail or text prior to when a call would be put out to them. This will help eliminate the awkwardness of communicating for the first time with the customer and yet pitching out to them a product or service. 

2. Immediate Results

Telemarketing saves cost and minimizes effort, especially for small businesses because, from the phone call, it would be easier to deduce if the prospective customer would be interested or not. This will help the business target its resources towards prospective customers who are likely to purchase. This will help save costs and reduce waste. 

3. Sales Prospect 

Human beings are emotional beings who have a desire to be loved and valued. Reaching out to customers individually can help engender a feeling of value which in turn can improve their desire to make a purchase.

The direct communication between sales agents and the target customers can create a cordial atmosphere that may stir the curiosity of the individual into making a purchase. Digital marketing and telesales can help to cultivate new relationships or nurture the existing relation between buyer and the seller all of which can boost customer loyalty as well as the profitability and sustainability of the business in the long term. 

Demerits of Telesales and Digital Marketing

1. Breach of Privacy

Receiving unsolicited calls especially one pitching a product or service may not always excite everyone and this could end up creating a feeling of resentment rather than acceptance. It is difficult or humanly impossible to determine the best time to call the prospective customer, the marketer risks getting on the nerves of the customer if a call was put through at a time inconvenient for the customer. If the call is well received, it can enhance interest in the individual but if the call wasn’t welcome then it might create a sense of resentment. 

2. Expense

Obtaining a workable list can be both daunting and costly and then there is the issue of cost in training staff to perform their marketing roles effectively. Yet the success of this marketing approach depends on the skill of the marketer in persuading their listeners to make a purchase. Hence it may cost a lot to train the staff appropriately.  

3. Reputation and Goodwill

Simply put, if digital marketing and telesales is well executed then the image of the company could be enhanced and likewise if not properly done then the reputation of the organization could be in jeopardy. In order to ensure expertise, the company may outsource the role of digital marketing and telesales but even this is not without its disadvantage as the company may lose control if the marketing company gets unprofessional in its approach and conduct. 

As a business owner, you should be motivated in doing the best for your business. This might warrant that you try out different marketing approaches until you determine which is most effective for your business. A successful sales campaign will help improve the sales, market share, profitability, and sustainability of the business. 

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