Tasks You Can Outsource To Save Money For Small Business

You have a small business that is rapidly gaining traction by the day. You’ve practically been the only person behind the success of your company. The truth is that you can’t do everything all by yourself. It’s time you pause and think of a new direction.

It’s been a rewarding week. You have met and even exceeded your sales and revenue projections. Everything seems to be working fine. Your sales and marketing team are putting in their best to help you gain traction. They are all happy as they are meeting their targets even before the deadline. They have earned it. As you look to enjoy the reward of your labor and efforts, there are still some things left undone.

Payroll is due. Customers’ deadlines are fast approaching, and you workers are looking up to you for their paycheck. There is also a need to regularly update your website to inform your customers about an upcoming event or sale promo. You also need to be up-to-date with your business bookkeeping. This is a typical example of how small businesses like yours operate. Over 60 hours’ work week and a few hours of rest.

You can be at ease with your business by outsourcing critical tasks for a token, much less than you even think. If you search on the internet right now, you are sure to get a few freelancers eager to help you scale your business for very little money. As a small business owner, remember making profit is one of your passions. Outsourcing can help you save cost, instead of budgeting to hire additional employees.

So, what tasks or responsibilities should you outsource to save cost? Ahead, you will learn the different roles or tasks you can outsource to reliable freelancers to save cost.

Let’s get started!

#1. Payroll

Payroll responsibilities go beyond just paying yourself and your employees. When you outsource your payroll responsibilities, there won’t be the headache of calculating wages, deductions, and withholding. No money headache of filing for employment taxes. Plus, there would be fewer errors. All you need to do is to hire a reputable payroll service provider.

There are a bunch of them online, so do your due diligence before settling for one. Once you settle for a payroll service provider, you need to furnish the provider with information like how many hours each of your employees worked, and the provider will take care of the rest.

#2. Bookkeeping

It can be complicated, confusing, and time-consuming to keep up with your business bookkeeping. If you want your business to gain traction very fast, you should outsource this role to a bookkeeping service provider. Doing this will free up time for other important duties. However, ensure you choose a service provider that has expertise in credits, debits, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and other account matters.

Most of the bookkeeping providers you will find on the internet parade experienced staff that will help your business gain maximum traction better than handling this role by yourself. They also have specialized certification and training in various bookkeeping systems. Some offer services aimed at particular industries, such as bookkeeping services for lawyers, doctors, or hospitality, for example, so you will want to choose a provider with experience in your specific business area. 

#3. Website Design

In this 21 century, you can’t possibly scale your business without having an online presence. Your customers won’t take you seriously if you don’t have a professionally designed website. While it is very possible to create your own website, you need to outsource this role to professional website designers. They will help you create a website that will not only attract prospective customers, but will increase sales and ultimate revenue. Before hiring a website designer, check the track record of the person you intend hiring.

#4. Administrative Tasks

If you feel that because you run a small business you don’t need administrative assistance, then you need to rethink. In today’s fast-paced business environment, there is what we call a “virtual assistant.” Virtual assistants do not need to be physically present in the office, they work remotely from all over the world. You get to communicate with them via email, Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, etc. For instance, if you run a medical practice, then it would be beneficial to hire a remote medical receptionist to efficiently manage tasks such as appointment scheduling. The use of such tools is a cost-effective way to streamline operations while maintaining a high level of professionalism and patient service.

If you outsource your administrative tasks, you can concentrate on generating more leads for your business. The good thing about hiring a virtual assistants of VMeDx for your small business is that you only pay for the time they spent working on your project.

#5. IT Support

The computer and internet that you rely on to get things done in your office sometimes get cranky. Computers occasionally freeze, crash, mysteriously slow down, or get viruses. When you observe these things, you need to call a professional to fix the troubles otherwise you may start losing money. You don’t just call a computer technician to handle your computer faults. You call an IT professional, so that the person can also work on your internet. At best, you can engage managed IT services companies to take care of these problems.

Information technology is helping to many industries in their work, such as banking and finance, education, health transportation and logistics and government. Computer applications supply electronic security, storage and communication for these sectors.

The IT companies are always available to helps businesses get the best out of their employees by reducing stress levels among them. It gives chance to businesses to grow their business through improved efficiency levels, which helps them keep in touch with their clients. The information that is exchanged anonymously can assist organizations reduce risks of frauds.

It will do your good to hire managed services firms that work remotely so that the charges won’t be much. These firms have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to keep your computers and internet running all year round.

#6. Social Media Marketing

You can’t possibly scale your business in a competitive business environment without leveraging the power of social media marketing. You are missing out a great deal if you are not using social media to generate leads and convert them to paying clients. The problem is that it takes time, creativity, and knowledge to create social media marketing campaigns and content.

It also takes time to register your presence on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. And that’s why you should outsource this responsibility. You can hire a remote social media manager. The person would be in charge of everything social media related. Whether you want to update your social media community about a new product or discount deals, the social media manager can work from anywhere in the world. The person would also be responsible for answering all the queries your customers may have.

Final Thoughts

In business, time is of the essence. Why spend your time on things or roles you can easily outsource to professional freelancers? When you outsource these roles we have highlighted in this article, you will not only reduce your workload, you will have more time to spend with your family.

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