Create your Subscription Box website Using WordPress and Woocommerce

Today, the e-commerce world is abuzz with subscription boxes. Thousands of providers dealing in subscription boxes cater to niche markets, from lifestyle goodies and entertainment products to beauty products and food services, among many others.

While this concept may no longer be new, its demand has grown exponentially, with the emergence of customized services for digital and physical goods.

This post offers a comprehensive guide on How to Create A Subscription Box website from scratch.

Planning a Subscription Box Website

Before creating your subscription box website, there are several things you must consider first. For your subscription box website to be successful, it must:

  1. Focus on a niche market with a specific target audience
  2. Have a beautiful interface and engaging experience
  3. Have a comprehensive product catalog and flexible subscriptions
  4. Have fast and secure payment platforms
  5. Give attractive discounts and offers to encourage customer commitment
  6. Have no mandatory product purchases or contracts

These unique features will help you have various reference points when designing your subscription box website. Continue reading and learn how to create your subscription box website using WooCommerce, a robust WordPress plugin.

Depending on your niche market, you can build an online shop for your products and include a link to your subscription website. For convenience sake, we shall separate the site into two segments: the shop and the subscription website.

The Subscription Box Website

While acting as the core of your subscription box business, this segment allows customers to sign up for your monthly subscription boxes. If, for example, you are planning to open a confectionery subscription box enterprise that sends out boxes daily, here is how you can build your website.

Using WordPress and the WooCommerce Plugin

One of the most reliable CMS platforms to create your subscription box website is WordPress. It powers over 30 percent of the internet, thanks to its popular e-commerce toolkit, WooCommerce. The following guide from CollectiveRay mentions a specific plugin from WooCommerce aimed at subscriptions: 5+ WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugins :Ultimate Guide. This tool allows you to manage subscriptions, automatic renewals, and recurring payments, etc. Besides, it supports various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Payoneer, and much more.

Choosing and Adding a Theme

WordPress contains a broad range of WooCommerce-based themes you can pick from, both premium and free. But if you want a theme with a subscription box website in mind, you must consider some factors. For instance, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the chosen theme responsive?
  2. Does the theme explicitly highlight your subscription boxes?
  3. Can you customize its display?
  4. Can you include extra elements such as picture galleries or slide bars?

If the answers to these questions are yes, consider choosing the theme. Additionally, images are essential to the overall design of your website. Hence consider using appealing box designs, the right image combinations, and unique featured boxes. Whichever theme you decide to use, a responsive and elegant display is mandatory.

Adding the WooCommerce Subscription Box Plugin

This step is probably the most crucial part when designing your subscription box website, adding a subscription plugin. This plugin integrates with all the essential features you’ll need to manage recurring payments from your clients. Also, it allows you to set up flexible billing plans.

Consider using the WooCommerce subscriptions plugin to achieve all these. With this plugin, you can take advantage of various setup plans and have your website built in no time. Additionally, you’ll have unlimited access to a full set of features that allow for the creation of billing schedules, trial periods for clients, front-end user subscription management, and much more.

Adding Contact Forms

No matter how straightforward your website is, some of your customers may have questions about specific aspects. Therefore, it’s vital to integrate your website with an easy to use contact form for faster customer feedback. WordPress has many plugins for different contact forms, including WPForms, Contact Form 7, and Ninja Forms, among many others, with varying shades of customizations.

Setting up Shop

The second part of your website will be setting up shop. Here, you can add products, prices, and descriptions, just like any other WooCommerce web store. Ideally, here is where your customers will be redirected to purchase full-sized products after viewing and sampling them on the subscriber box service. Your e-store must have a responsive display, mobile app integration, comprehensive product descriptions, vibrant product galleries, and secure payment options.


Having a functional subscription box website is undoubtedly your principal requirement in creating a successful online business enterprise. Hence, it’s prudent to invest your money and time in building a website that offers your business an upper edge over your competitors and a distinctive vibe. We hope this post helped guide you on How to Create A Subscription Box website using WordPress and WooCommerce plugin.


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