Small Additions your Site Needs

We all know that for a serious business, you should have a website as a way to promote and make your business visible to potential clients. However, is it easy to build a website that will attract visitors and make them buy your products? The simple answer is, of course, NO!

There are so many important slight additions that you need to have on your website if you want to boost up your sales and make your clients eager to visit your website again. For some people, they may seem unimportant or meaningless, but they can drastically change the fact of whether visitors like your website or not.

People simply do not like plain and boring websites; they prefer something more appealing to their eyes, to which they can establish some emotional connection. If you forgot to add a call-to-action button on your homepage, it will significantly lower engagement, and people will barely stay on your website for more than a few seconds.

If the layout is unorganized and unattractive, that is another reason why visitors may just ignore your website, which means – fewer sales and less profit.

It is also claimed that people like to see a logo of the company on the homepage in the header area, which is clickable and an easy way to navigate back to the homepage of the website.

The design should be attractive and user-friendly, which has a clear visual hierarchy starting from user-friendly forms, typography, colors, and more. You should not focus only on a good-looking interface but more on an experience that will help you in gaining user empathy.

In this article, I will list only three subtle but effective website additions that you should check out.

Sticky elements

Sticky elements have become a new trend in web design, and you can come across them on almost any website. You might wonder what sticky elements are and why they have become so popular nowadays. Sticky elements are those elements on a website that stick on the user’s screen while the user is scrolling the page. Even though the page is being scrolled through, they stay visible on the screen, and you can interact with them.

They simply improve customer experience and keep users well-oriented by giving them full control over navigation through your website. The easiest way to add sticky elements to your website is through a WP plugin called WP Sticky. With this plugin, you can easily make any element sticky such as a navigation bar, a widget, a header, etc.

It’s a beginner-friendly tool, and you can get everything done in less than a minute.

Author boxes

An author box is a little box that you add to the end of every article, which displays some information about the author, such as a name, social links, a brief bio, etc. This is a good way to make your articles look more genuine and authentic because readers can see who stands behind those written words, which will eventually make your article more trustworthy.

Author boxes are also very good for SEO, which makes your articles have a higher search rank. All this can be done in a few minutes without writing a single line of code by using a WordPress plugin – Simple Author Box.

Simple Author Box allows you to add an author box anywhere on your site. Everything is fully responsive and easily customizable. They also provide you with a list of all social media icons that you can use to show all the places where you can contact the author of the article.

Some features of this plugin require a PRO version, so you can upgrade if you are not satisfied with a FREE version.


One of the very common problems that occur on websites is broken links (404 errors). If you make a typo in the URL or your links are broken and wrong, leading to a 404 error page, all of that will impact the user experience negatively, and sometimes it can be very annoying.

Instead of losing huge traffic from visitors, why don’t you easily fix that in a few clicks using a powerful tool called WP 301 Redirects.

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With this little tool, you can easily scan for outgoing broken links, make use of redirects effectively and track all of that in the form of in-built charts. If you need a full set of features that WP 301 Redirects offers, you can always upgrade to a PRO plan.


Minor UI improvements yield a rise in sales and profit. Building a website should be well planned and organized in detail, including even the little parts that may seem unimportant and insignificant at first glance.

Adding things like an author box, a sticky menu, or fixing broken links with effective redirects will drastically improve your website, and people will love it.

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