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Over a billion people use TikTok. Any medium that has so many users offers a potent platform to generate fans and to acquire unprecedented popularity. However, the quest of securing TikTok fans is anything but easy. There are several challenges. First, the platform has too many users who are not only consumers but also content creators. This complicates marketing and promotion. Those who do not create any content can keep browsing profiles to watch funny; entertaining videos without following anyone. This unambiguous reality is the principal reason why every content creator must simplify their quest of securing TikTok fans.

Understand the Different Types of TikTok Users

Many TikTok users are active only for a while. They do not log in every day, their exposure is limited to a few videos at a time and they are unlikely to embark on an exploration to find new content creators. These users cannot be your primary target audience. Even if they are a substantial part of your viewership, they are unlikely to follow too many profiles, so your chances of securing enough fans among these users are scarce.

Most TikTok users are active every day but a majority of them are not looking for any specific type of content. Hence, they are unlikely to follow plenty of profiles. These users come across popular and viral contents, enjoy them and move on. This section can be your target audience for viewership and following. The primary target audience for any content creator should be those users who spend a lot of time on TikTok every day. The most active users are quick to like contents and they follow those profiles more often than not. These are the potential TikTok fans that you should be eyeing at the outset. In due course of time, you must reach out to a cross-section of users. However, it is necessary to simplify the quest in the early stages.

Rely on Analytics and Statistics

Many content creators presume what their target audience may like. They come up with ideas and create contents in accordance to that presumption. It is quite possible for a content creator to know precisely what types of entertainment and fun their target audience may be fond of. Yet, it is equally possible for such an understanding or preconceived notion to go horribly wrong.

This is why content creators must rely on analytics and statistics. There is no dearth of tools to be used to analyze the types of contents that are drawing greater viewership. It is also possible to target the more active users. The moment a content creator relies on analytics and statistics, the entire ambiguity emanating from perception and individual understanding can be countered and totally done away with, if necessary.

Organic and Inorganic TikTok Fans

Every content creator will have some organic fans on TikTok. These are initially friends and the immediate social networks of the content creator. Then there are people who know their friends and are in the larger social circle. Some random users will also become TikTok fans after liking a few videos. This is usually the limit of organic fandom on TikTok for most content creators. Any organic growth from this juncture depends on a plethora of factors. The limitation is why many content creators opt for inorganic TikTok fans, essentially to boost their popularity and enhance their presence.

Inorganic TikTok fans are not bots or fake profiles. They are real people using the platform. The classification of such fans as inorganic is due to the manner in which they are acquired. Content creators can buy TikTok fans. They do not pay people to follow them. One can hire the services of a TikTok marketing company that can generate more views, likes and followers. Such a marketing company should not use click-farms and bots to inflate the counts. The process should be legitimate.

Growing popularity begets more fans. The fan count is a clear indication of popularity. Profiles that have few fans are unlikely to gain more. Profiles that have an increasing fan base will draw more viewers, likes and followers. This is a simple truth and applicable to all social media platforms. If the quest to secure TikTok fans is simplified in such a way, the going can get much easier and more rewarding.

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