SharePoint Password Reset Web Part – Insights for E-Commerce Companies

When using an e-commerce platform, SharePoint is one of the features you do not want to miss. It is a common integration for .NET e-commerce platforms because it is a Microsoft product. It is designed for secure collaboration between workers and customers to enhance productivity and efficiency.

One of the features to enjoy in SharePoint is the SharePoint password reset web part that enables a secure login when using the active directory (AD). So, if you are using SharePoint from 2013 to 2016, you are guaranteed a secure environment through this feature. But managing a password starts from the moment you create a new account.

In case you are wondering how this add-in works, you are in the right place. We will guide you on how to go about the SharePoint password reset web part of this article.

SharePoint Password Reset Web Part Explained

This is a feature you can set on your AD to allow all users to reset their password through email or online options. They do not need an IT expert for this and the complexity of the add-in depends on your .NET e-commerce platform or the third party providing the solution.

Owners of the e-commerce platform should configure the SharePoint password reset web part so that the AD users will reset the password when necessary. This is an important step that you cannot afford to miss.

How to Configure the SharePoint Password Reset Web Part

As mentioned, there are two options for resetting the password: via email or the online option. Either of these options works perfectly and ensures that secure access is maintained at all times. So, it is a matter of preference rather than what is best for you. It is important to know how both options work and we will provide a brief description of how it works. But if you want a detailed explanation, get redirected to VirtoSoftware website.

The email option – Most businesses prefer to email because it is professional and provides back up information. When prompted to reset the password, the user should enter an email after the login details and they will receive the new password. This is what they will now use moving forward.

Online option – This requires the administrator to a series of questions that an AD user should answer to have a new password. The queries are generated using the AD values such as telephone number and date of birth.

Reasons to Use SharePoint Password Reset Web Part

An AD user has forgotten the password – Imagine having to contact an administrator or the IT department to help reset a password every time you forget it. It is a time-wasting process. But with these reasons to use SharePoint password reset web part, it is easy to do it by yourself. That is why it is needed in every e-commerce business, especially the big ones that use a lot of staff. It is even best for businesses that operate remotely and some services like IT personnel is outsourced when needed.

There is a security breach – If there are a security breach in the company and all passwords must be reset or changed, the AD users can do this quickly. After all, it is a self-service, as we already mentioned. The administrator would change these logins for all users, but the process is time-consuming. Without a functional SharePoint password reset web part, the hackers will have an easy time accessing some information. Fortunately, all users can participate in resetting their passwords quickly.

Periodical password reset for security purposes – There is a need to periodically reset the SharePoint authentication passwords for security purposes. With the SharePoint password reset web part, all AD users can be asked to participate in doing this instead of leaving all the work to the administrator.

Risks of Using SharePoint Password Reset Web Part

There is always a percentage of risks in using technologies like this one. Even though the SharePoint password reset web part is very helpful in enhancing efficiency, as we have seen, it could also be used against the company by malicious AD users. For instance, someone might reset the password, alter data and then quit. But this can be handled quickly by the administrator whose rights override the user.

That said, then there is no need to fret. You can tell that the pros of using this feature are numerous, so proceed to buy the add-in and ensure that it is helping your AD users. Just in case you are not sure of how to go about it, an e-commerce consultant can help.

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