The best SEO guide for an emerging ecommerce business

Ecommerce websites are one of the leading platforms that have obtained great heights and interaction among its users. People find it more comfortable to purchase their requirements online, rather than waiting on queues.

Ecommerce websites have given a chance for its customers to opt for things they desire right from their place where they are. Not just providing user requirements but giving them offers and discounts on products they desire have made customers rely more on ecommerce websites.

Now, this is a common perspective of an ecommerce website. But how do the ecommerce website rank on search engines? Is there any way for them to directly rank on top positions of Google or any other search engines?

Definitely no!

That involves a lot of struggle and efforts to be put forth to reach that level. But how to practice those techniques and tactics to obtain such level?

This is going to be our today’s topic. Yes, today am going to walk you through some of the best SEO techniques that really help you with your ecommerce business and introduce you the SEO guide that will definitely help you in the long run. Learn Bing seo with our bing seo guide.

Let’s Get Started!!!

#1 Website Security:

I have always considered the importance of security and that has always been the ultimate necessity of any online business and when it comes to ecommerce business security is something more important.

At recent times, Google have started to address websites as “NOT SECURE” that lacks SSL Certificate. Security is one of the biggest and the most important aspect of any website and it has to be installed to websites not just for the sake of security but also to rank better on Google.

#1.1 What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are little information documents that carefully tie a cryptographic key to a business point of interest. Normally, SSL is utilized to anchor Mastercard exchanges, information exchange and logins, and all the more as of late is turning into the standard while anchoring perusing of online life destinations.

SSL Certificates combine the following together;

  • The domain name, server name or hostname.
  • An authoritative personality (i.e. organization name) and area.

A business needs to introduce the SSL Certificate onto its web server to start a protected session with programs. Once a protected association is built up, all web activity between the web server and the internet browser will be secure.

You can initiate your security for your website by buying cheap wildcard SSL certificate. This could protect your website root domain and its unlimited Subdomains. Thus, it is highly recommended to have a secure website not just to make it effective among your competitors rather to outstand the competitive crowd with your trustworthy website and to attract more customers in.

#2 On-Page optimization techniques:

On-page optimization is where you work for the appearance of the website and the way it should look. There are certain things that need to be settled that your customers find it more comfortable to navigate through.

This is where On-Page SEO works. Now let us have a look at some of the important things that we need to concentrate when it comes to On-Page SEO.

The following are the some of the basic things that you need concentrate on.

  • Canonical Tags
  • Website sitemap.xml and robot.txt
  • Title tags with store name
  • Social media links with sharing facility

Here are a few more things that you need to put in your efforts to make it better.

  • When you work on title tags and Meta description you can insert your keywords in it
  • Include keywords on image alt texts
  • Add keywords to your file names
  • You can even choose your own URL for blog posts, web pages, products and collections

There are a few more things that you can also add when you work on the On-Page optimization. It is the ‘modifier’ which can be any form “Discounts” or “%off” or “Free Shipping” or anything else that could grab the attention of the customer.

At such case, you can make use of the LSI Keywords which are so called the Latent Semantic Keywords which are words that are related to the main keywords.

Now when I’m supposed to talk about keywords, the need for keyword research occurs. Let me explain the importance of keyword research that it may help you to understand how it works for your successful ecommerce business.

#3 Keyword Research:

This is something primary that you need to concentrate. But most of us never give it a priority, later end up in regrets. It is good that we show some interests and put in some effort to get the best result out of it.


Keywords play the major role in building a business and it is something more when it comes to an ecommerce business.

#3.1 How to perform keyword research:

All you need to do is,

  • List out the pages of your site
  • Find and track the exact keywords for each page

But when it comes to an ecommerce website you need to concentrate on two things,

  • Product Pages
  • Category Pages

Once you have listed out the pages of your website, you need to find and track exact keywords for each page on your website.

  • Head Keyword (i.e., the essential catchphrase you need to advance the page for)
  • Some long-tail varieties (i.e., different watchwords that may drive focused on activity to the page)

How about we begin with the head keyword.

Stage 1. Discover a Head Keyword

Trust it or not, taking a gander at the catchphrases you officially rank for can be the best place to locate a proper head keyword.

You can discover these with Ahrefs Site Explorer.

How about we attempt it for this web-based business class page for an across the board preparing framework, called the Grainfather.

Taking a gander at these catchphrases, “Grainfather” (2.9K ventures/month) emerges as a decent set out term toward this page. All things considered, that is what we’re offering here.

But on the other hand, we should hit the SERP dropdown and look at the main 10 positioning pages for this question.

Here, we have to check two things:

  • What sorts of pages are as of now positioning? Item pages? Class pages? Blog entries? Or on the other hand something unique? It’s essential to follow watchwords with the correct hunt expectation. On the off chance that you see huge amounts of blog entries positioning in the best 10, there’s no point endeavoring to rank an item or class page there. That isn’t what individual’s need, so it won’t work.
  • Take a gander at the best catchphrase. We show a best watchword for all best positioning pages in the SERP outline. More often than not, you’ll likely find that the best catchphrase is the same for the greater part of the pages in the best 10. It might likewise be the same as the watchword you’re at present considering for the head term. In any case, in some cases, this can reveal a far superior head term.

#4 Technical SEO fixes:

So far, we have seen some of the important and basic SEO techniques that need to be followed. Now let us have some look at the technical aspects.

#4.1 Concentrate on quality content:

Content is the major resource of any online business. And that is why it is recommended to maintain and share original content. To know whether the content is diluted or not, you can make use of the SEO Tools that finds out all the duplicate content available on your website.

Duplicate content not just affects your website but also affects its ranking position. People come in search of quality and original content but when you fail to give them such content, and then you lose their attention. This affects your website traction.

On the other hand, if your website holds duplicate content. The search engine crawls every single page of your website to check whether there is any duplicate content. And when it finds any it will automatically devaluates the content of the website which naturally affects the ranking position of the website. And that is why it is required to check with the quality of content that you provide on your website and that is necessary for the content to be unique and completely fresh new content.

#4.2 Dive through deep pages:

If you wish to easily access any of the pages or categories on your website you should follow the most common rule of the online world.

You need to check, under which category your site structure falls. You need to be very clearly in framing your perfect site structure.

So this could definitely help your customers to navigate through pages. The primary rule of them all is no page destination should exceed 3 clicks. And which is considered to be a universal proven structure. Try to make things simple as possible for your customers.

#4.3 Try to involve in brand mentions:

Brand mentions are one exact way of having your brand mentioned on top sites. You can do this by examining your competitor. Make use of the Ahref tool to find out where your competitors have positioned them and you can try approaching the same or something similar to them.

You can also be featured on manufacturer’s “WHERE TO BUY”. Many manufacturers do have pages in which they list stores that sell their products. And there they get them linked.

To find them you can Google them with “Where to Buy” keyword and find your manufacturers and get your store to be mentioned on their platforms. So, when people search for stores online, they will be able to find you specified by the product brand mentioned by them which instantly creates trust among your users.

#4.4 Link Worthy:

Trust worthy is also something link-worthy. All you need to do is generate enough content that could posses’ links. When you create such content explaining about the products or manufacturers you sell, it becomes more comfortable for the user to navigate through.

You can even create blogs that points out the do’s and don’ts. The Good and bad about the product in which you can provide product links, through which a customer good directly be diverted to the product page.

This could make the work more interesting and bring in more traction. If you haven’t preferred to create blogs for your ecommerce website, it is good that you create one now. And these are some of the most important technical aspects to be covered on SEO and that could respond well on implementation.

Wrap Up:

SEO for an ecommerce business is definitely a typical task and that may involve a plenty of things to be covered. But here I have shared a few but a worthy one that you could implement on your new or grooming ecommerce website.

These techniques are globally tested and proven to show better results on ecommerce platforms. Find no way to kick start your commercial website? Now grab this chance to make your website a trending one among your users.


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