Samsung S20 Ultra Case: Expectation vs. Reality

Are you wondering whether your new Samsung S20 Ultra Case fulfills all your expectations? There are so many different versions of cases out there that you can hardly make up your mind. Each one promises basically the same: to keep your precious phone safe from any day-to-day usage.

No Dust, No Dirt

If you had your phone somewhere in your pocket all day, and especially if you have children, it easily gets dirty. Moreover, Tiny particles of dirt and dust or even fabric like to gather at the charging socket. Dirt and dust in that spot can hinder your phone from charging properly. If you have to clean your phone, you will obviously have to use a wet wipe.

However, you have to worry about moisture seeping into your phone and cause damages. If you keep it in a case, you can simply clean the case, and your phone is free from any moisture danger. The same also applies if you tend to be adventurous or tend to spend a lot of time on DIY projects. The case will always keep your phone safe from dust particles such as cement, wood chips, or even perlite. A leather case bonded with polymers actually does provide the best protection from dust and dirt. You can find such cases at Turtleback.

Completely Scratch-free

It’s always nicer to have a phone that looks completely intact as long as possible. Not even a display protection will keep it completely scratch-free. The Samsung S20 Ultra case is completely made of glass, so you’d have to attach something like display protection at the back as well. However, such protectors also tend to scratch, and not all of them are really as durable as claimed. The sides can still suffer scratches as well. Keep your phone in a good case enfolding it from all sides. If you’d like to go a step further, choose a case with a felt fabric on the interior to provide additional protection for the screen.

Belt-clip Case

One could argue a belt-clip case is a probe to move around on a belt and be in your way at some point. A lot of active people have experienced such troubles with belt-clip cases and also found them bulky. Choose an ergonomic belt-clip case that simply stays in place, no matter what. It won’t move around if you’re cutting firewood and neither falls off by the most vigorous kicks of your baby. A belt-clip case provides you with many advantages:

  • You’ll never have to search for your phone in your bag again
  • Your phone is always with you.
  • It won’t slip out of your pocket
  • Your phone doesn’t get stolen as easily

The Reality

Obviously, if you choose a phone case it needs to be made of premium material. Cheap plastic cases that only cost a few bucks don’t provide you with the same advantages. They’re hardly as durable and practically none provides a felt interior to offer extra protection for the screen. Most phone cases are a simple case that doesn’t offer any additional screen protection at all. They usually only offer some protection for the back. You easily lose them in your bag, although they could be made of rubber, so your phone doesn’t slip around receipts in your bag.

Quality Matters

Furthermore, since cheap plastic cases are just that, you will often have to find a new one due to their lack of durability. If you’d like to get the best out of a good phone case, go for one that’s well-made. It will save you several dollars in the long run instead of having to buy a new one every few months. Once a cheap case breaks, your phone is no longer safe from any danger either. Consider how much worth your Samsung S20 Ultra is. Would you really keep such an expensive device in a cheap plastic box that’s nothing but a visual accessory? No, probably not. You’ll be so much happier to choose a case that lasts longer than your Samsung S20 Ultra. If it doesn’t fit your next model, there’s surely someone in your family who’d appreciate the ultimate case for his valuable S20 Ultra.

Handsfree Means More Fun

A proper holster case has so many advantages, but instead of being just some extra on your belt, it’ll make you feel important. You’re undoubtedly important if you do have the latest Samsung S20 Ultra with its 5G technology. It indeed allows having it closeby all day if you need it. You truly are handsfree with it and don’t have to put it into an extra bag. You’ll never lose it; it can’t slip out of your pocket. To be honest, though, as all mobiles have actually grown in size over the last few years, none of them fits into a pocket anymore. Do you remember when you had it in the back pocket, and it slipped out when you had to use the toilet? What an embarrassing and off-putting experience. That can never happen with a belt-clip case.

Safety In-Hand

Your phone just stays where it is and is kept safe in all circumstances you may come across in your daily life. The belt-clip case is suitable for each person, no matter the age or profession. Although a Turtleback case may remind you of a perfect gift for your husband with its simple and unicolor design, it is as great for women. It’s actually better in unicolor as it doesn’t stand out as much like most cases you can get these days. And that’s also where the reality in regards to protection from thieves comes into play. It doesn’t look like an obvious phone case since you could carry anything. Who’d know if you didn’t keep an actual notepad and a small pencil in it? That doesn’t sound like anything a thief would go after.

Expectations Are Met

With your Samsung S20 ultra case, you get what you expect. If it’s a cheap case, you won’t get proper protection for your new phone. If it’s a good case made of good material with an abundance of advantages, you’ll get just that.

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