Rocking SEO trends for 2019

Due to AR, VR and latest technology, we can predict that 2019 will become a very well revolutionary year. There are many predictions that totally expected in 2019.

That is for sure, some strategies will definitely differ in 2019. Here are some top trends which will help to grow your business and website to search engine point of view.

1. Understand Your Audience & User Intent:

What your audience like? Text? Video? Images? Even if your website has an amazing design, your website content is perfect, it doesn’t mean that you get the benefit of your business, because you are targeting the wrong audience.

Make sure that when creating content, you focus on keywords which relate to users behavior and their search queries. We have to make a strategy to get the real output of content. User intent is the purpose behind the user’s search.

We have to take our content a step ahead focusing on marketing strategy and targeted keywords. You have to serve the customer as per their intention. So in 2019, It’s very important to understand your audience and user intent to get more output with minimum efforts.

2. Structured Data Snippets.

Structure data used to tell Google about your webpage. You are providing the clue to google about your webpage by providing structure data. Google can understand your data more specifically through structure data snippets.

Through structured data snippets you can highlight the rating of your product/service, description, organization information, offers in the product, etc.

If you are not using structure data snippets as SEO point of view then you lose chances to appear in top results in search engine results. So, to stand in competition in 2019 this is the most important thing to be considered.

3. On-page Optimization is winning key

On-page SEO is an important key to get rank in search engines. On-page SEO factors should not be ignored anymore. Through on-page SEO elements, search engines understand your webpage better.

SEO Title tag Optimization

Important factors in on page SEO are meta tags, titles, h1 tag, sitemap, robots.txt, URL factors and layered navigation, alt attribute for images, page speed, etc. Structure data is also part of on-page SEO. In SEO, first we have to set on page SEO elements for any website then after we have to focus on off page elements.

So, it’s true that on page optimization is winning key. To attract a user who landed to your site, you can put live chats, if you have an e-commerce website then you can add custom options in the product page. So, you have to also focus on SEO friendly web page design.

4. Focus on increasing Quality, Authority and Trustworthiness:

Establishing and growing your quality or expertise in a most important factor to stand in the competitive world. You have to show your qualities to users to attract them. If you have more trustworthy signs which represent trustworthiness of your page then Google is more likely to show your site.

Through web analytics tools, you can know that on which page of your site user stays more and on which page user stays less. This analysis will help you to optimize several pages of your site. If you add some trust symbols which effects on authority.

If you provide quality in your products then you will definitely earn the trust of your customer. You have to focus on content distribution which represents your quality of products. This thing represents you unique compared to your competitors.

5. Use of Machine Learning Concepts

Machine Learning concepts are most trending nowadays. Google algorithms are also made with these concepts. When the user enters a search query in the search tab, google will show the results according to these algorithms and concepts.

Through web analytics tools you can come to know about user behavior and interest. Machine Learning points help in ranking predictions, keyword ranking opportunities, user engagement, site crawling and many more. These points are very important in SEO and defining strategies.

You should use Machine Learning to develop a content strategy with targeted keywords. So, we can say that this concept will rock in 2019 in terms of SEO.

6. Ads and PPC Management

You have to focus on your PPC and ads to increase conversions with minimum budget. In this competitive world, you need to focus on each bid of the keyword.

Your campaign performance depends on keywords and ads. If you’re running search campaigns then you have to add related keywords in your ads.

Sometimes you get a click from keywords that not relate your product or services. So, this should be waste your budget because you don’t get conversions from them.

To prevent this you have to analyze search terms and after analysis, you have to add them in negative keywords.

You also have to focus remarketing campaigns. You can also analyze your competitors from google adword and through this, you can optimize your site. You have to monitor your bids regularly.

7. Quality of backlinks:

Backlinks are the part of off page SEO. If you have lots of backlinks that doesn’t mean you will get up ranking in search engine results. After setting on page SEO elements, Off-page SEO technique play an effective role to get ranked in search engine results.

In backlinks, you have to make sure that you get a backlink from the sites which has good authority. Spammy backlinks harm your ranking in the search engine so you need to remove them.

Best way to get links from a high authority site is guest posting. Good quality backlinks are,  your backlinks are from similar sites, it should be dofollow and anchor text of link contains your keywords. So, quality backlinks are the most important thing in SEO.

Augmented Reality has immense potential to revolutionize marketing all-together in the next few years. With brands picking up Augmented Reality Development, the way users browse the internet will be really affected. Imagine the ease that you receive when all you have to do in order to identify a dog’s breed or a type of flower just by pointing your smartphone towards it.

Impeccable experience, isn’t it? But that’s not just the only use of AR. It extends far and beyond that. AR’s potential makes it one of the most influential aspects that’ll shape the digital marketing and SEO strategies in the future.

This combination helping SEO experts to achieve improved user experience and generating outstanding engagement. While the Crystal ball is still placed in the infinity, AR is expected to offer a great combination of innovation and SEO in the upcoming years.


In Conclusion:

I have listed SEO trends that will rock in 2019. To stand in competition in the digital world,  SEO is the most important thing.

You have to do SEO efforts continuously because it’s not a one time process. To get rank up in search engine, above listed points are important. I hope this will help you to get SEO success and growth in business. Happy reading…!

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