Five Delinquents That Is Responsible For Chasing Your Website Traffic Away

So, you’ve created a website for your company and generated a profile on various social platforms, however you’re not attracting more customers for your roofing company. There may be a significant chance that your brand is not the issue, but rather the way you’re presenting yourself online. This means your website can do with a facelift.

Users judge a site within seconds after entering it, and their reaction is based on elements like loading speed, visual appearance and ease of navigation. Here are five elements that could be the reason why traffic is driven away.

Homepages That Are Not Structured And Organized

The homepage is your most valuable section on your entire website. A cluttered page will only end up confusing users and drive them away. A website must have a distinct focal point and be organized to make users want to stay and explore the site further.

Navigation bars must be easy to find as well. Speed is of utmost importance, because having a fast and responsive site helps visitors to not only visit your homepage, but the rest of the site too. The worst delinquents are website sliders that rotate too fast, lack a header and has animated GIFs which are distracting.

Puzzling Navigation

Website navigation bars must ideally be placed on the top of the webpage and have a link back to your homepage. The contents must be clearly defined in the menu and your individual pages must be titled to make it logical for people to find and not leave it up to their imagination.

The worst culprits include navigation bars with confusing item hierarchy where main pages lie hidden within sub-menus, difficult-to-find contact page and broken links. If you’re looking for higher rankings for roofing websites, then it’s worth paying attention to these details to find what your page is lacking.

Obscure social media buttons

Social media buttons must be prominent on the pages to make it easier for your audience to find. Be sure to engage with your users by ensuring that all pages contain a link to your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). These links are different to post-sharing buttons.

Non-Existent Calls-To-Action

The statistics show you have plenty of visitors flocking to your site, however, the bounce rate is high. It’s useful to guide users with calls to action and straightforward instructions, for instance:

  • Click here
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Call us

As a company, you want individuals to know how they can get the best out of your site, and subsequently, your services. Worst culprits include content with aimless descriptions as opposed to having a clear marketing plan and links that lead users generously to other sites.

Imitative Photos

A website that only contains stock images is not reflecting the brand’s individuality. Authenticity can go a long way in attracting prospective customers, therefore invest in a few professional images or take your own personal images to reveal your brand’s story.


If your site contains any of the offenders mentioned above, then that’s the reason why your site is driving your audience away instead of letting them stay put. Use some of these tips to make a few changes and see if the situation shows improvement.


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