How to reduce lag and increase internet speed for gaming

Playing multiplayer games online is a new trend now and many households in America are getting internet services to do online gaming. The worst that can happen with a gamer is facing lag while playing games online. It’s just like you are watching your favorite movie on Netflix with your friends or relatives and the video keeps buffering. You will be super frustrated. Gamers go through the same frustration when their internet stops working during the game or the speed drops.

To those who don’t know what lag is, game lags are when a delay comes between the action of the gamers and the reaction of the gaming server. This is one of the most frustrating things, which a gamer can experience. It’s very irritating because you might lose a game because of the lag. If your opponent's internet connection is better than you while your server doesn’t react instantly, the chances of you winning are very less.

Imagine you are in a middle of a game, which you are winning, and the game is getting intense. It can be a sports game like FIFA or maybe a shooting game like Fortnite and while you are just a few steps from victory, your game momentarily freezes due to high latency and lag, and you lost. How’d you feel? Not good, I guess. To make sure that you don’t go through this frustrating process, there are a few things that matter a lot and which you need to check while you get internet services. Moreover, we will discuss a few areas on which you can work to reduce lag and increase the internet speed for gaming.

Bandwidth and Internet speed

Many people think that it is necessary to have a blazing fast internet connection to do online gaming, which is not really true. You surely need a good internet connection that offers you reliability and good internet speeds but you don’t need to get something too extra just because it looks fancy and is expensive. If you are unsure if you are receiving the internet speed that you pay for, a quick online search for "check my speed" or similar will find you sites where you can test your speed and the quality of your connection. 

It all depends on your whole internet usage. If you do online gaming on 1-2 devices simultaneously, then a standard internet plan will work fine for you. However, if multiple users in the house do other web-related activities apart from online gaming on multiple devices like streaming, downloading large files, or video conferencing simultaneously then you need to make sure that you get an ultra-fast internet connection.

Remember that the speed you get will be divided among all the connected devices. If you are using multiple devices, all at once, your internet speed will drop and you will face issues like high latency and lag while you do online gaming. To make sure that you don’t face such issues, try to get an internet plan as per your household needs. Companies like Cox offers multiple internet plans with different speeds. Contact Cox customer service to get a plan that suits your needs and budget. If you don’t want to switch, then disconnect all the connected devices to your internet connection while gaming. That will make a lot of difference in the speed and bandwidth.

Aim for low latency

The higher the latency, the more lag you will face while online gaming. Network latency is how long it takes the data to travel from your end to the final point. For instance, if you are playing a shooting game and you are facing high latency, the action that you’ll take at your end might take some time to actually reflect in the game, and in that meantime, you might get killed by your opponent which can be quite frustrating.

Everyone says to aim for low latency but the question is how to do that. The most easiest and convenient way to work on the latency is to connect your gaming device with the Ethernet cable. That will increase the bandwidth, as you will be getting direct bandwidth from the modem. When you connect your device to your internet connection via the Wi-Fi network, you don’t get the actual speeds as the speeds are divided among all the connected devices. You will have the best gaming experience when there will be low latency.

Get an Elite gamer base connection

Those who do gaming on a PC system should get an elite gamer base connection. It will enhance your gameplay with up to 30% less lag, which means that you will face low latency, and have the best gaming experience. You get a more stable connection with the elite gamer base connection.

Elite gamer connection is designed in a way that keeps you and your team connected and ahead of your competitors and the technology is designed to offer the users the most exciting gaming experience. An intelligent routing system is used which automatically finds a faster pathway to your server and helps in optimizing your internet connection.

Use compatible equipment

When you get internet services, the internet service providers offer their own equipment, which is compatible with the internet connection. Many people don’t get that because the equipment might cost you a few bucks every month but trust me, it's worth paying. To make sure that the customers get the same speeds consistently, the companies specifically design their equipment, which is compatible with the type of internet connection they offer.

Those who use their own equipment usually face compatibility issues, which cause high latency and poor network connection. If you don’t want to use the company’s equipment, make sure you tell them about your equipment model and ask them if that can work for you or not. Moreover, update your equipment’s firmware from time to time.

Summing it up

By following the above-mentioned points, you will clearly see a difference in your internet speeds and if you still don’t see it, now is the time to upgrade your internet plan. You either can switch to a new company or can just upgrade your internet plan by contacting your current service provider. In any case,a reliable internet connection is a must for online gaming.

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