Who Is Fred Lam and Why Is He Recognized In the E-Commerce Industry

Fred Lam is one of the most successful e-commerce entrepreneurs. Not only has he managed to make millions from his enterprise, but he has also trained some of the best online investors. At first, Fred Lam was a dish washer at a local restaurant where he realized that he was not making as much money as he wanted. He then ventured into e-commerce where he has been able to make millions in profit.

More so, he has been able to coach several students who are currently running e-commerce sites that generate millions in profits. According to Fred, he did all this using simple basic steps and they include;

Have a nice website

The best way of capturing and retaining online customers is by giving them a unique experience every time they shop with you. That means, you need to design a website that is user friendly using the right color schemes.

You should also ensure that you have a fast loading website because online shoppers are impatient.

The moment they realize that you site is taking too long to load or check out, they will gladly move to the next store without turning back.

The worst part is, they can decide to let everyone on social media know about the poor services you offer. According to Fred Lam, it is safer to have an online store website rather than selling on social.

Today, there are so many e-commerce platforms that can offer you the freedom of developing your online store without anyone’s help or e-commerce skills.

Discover your niche

It may not be possible for you to sell everything on your site unless you have a good team and access to the right inventory.

However, if you have to sell online, you need to declare what you will be selling so that customers know where to look. This should give you an easy time keeping up with the trends in the market allowing you to fully satisfy your customers.

Invest in online marketing

The only people who will be able to shop from your online stores are people who use the internet and there is no other place to get them apart from online. That is why, your online marketing strategy should be well revised. One mistake that many new e-commerce entrepreneurs take is that they take it upon them to market online knowing very well that they are not conversant with the process.

If you are such an entrepreneur and you don’t want to hire someone for the job then you will have to take online marketing courses.

It is also good to know that through promoting your social media pages and posts, you are only widening your customer reach. Therefore, it does not hurt putting in a little cash to attract you some more. For the best online marketing services, you should think beyond social media advertising and consider other online marketing strategies like SEO.


Fred Lam believes that anyone is capable of making millions online and it is all in the mindset. You can learn more about Fred lam and his courses by searching him online.

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