Latest OFF Page SEO Techniques 2023

Search engines (not just Google) have been in existence since the dawn of internet age. And when we are talking about search engines, the term “SEO” comes to our mind, subconsciously!

So, coming straight to the point, SEO Services fall into two categories – On-page and Off-page.

On-page techniques are those ones that are worked upon on the intended landing page itself. These include Meta tags, anchor text, keyword utilisation, and the list can go on!

The latter one is concerned with being more diverse in its implementation strategies; it’s basically about letting search engines know that your site deserves to be ranked well in SERPs.

Though the list is endless, I’ll highlight five of the most popular Off-page SEO techniques that make the cut –

  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Brand Awareness
  • Question-Answer
  • Stay Away from Google Penalties

Now, let’s delve into the depths…

  • Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been (and is being) used as a popular SEO tool by the digital community for quite a while now.

The prime focus of writing a guest blog post is to get valuable backlinks (usually through the author box) from the blog or website where your content was published.

But, wait a moment! Why should anyone publish your article on their blogging site?

Bloggers would agree with this point that persuading sites (especially the good ones) to accept your content is a real pain. So, the trick is to give them some ‘value’ through your postings. By ‘value’, I mean infographics, services, beneficial knowledge, etc.

So, you should establish a give-and-take relationship with your publisher; it should not be a one-way traffic!

One more thing! Choose your site that you want to blog for after a thorough scrutiny. There are people out there who are struggling themselves to find a place in search listings, and will utilize your quality content for the same.

Remember, Google considers only those backlinks that are published on authoritative, well-ranked sites. And, make sure you adhere to their submission guidelines strictly.

On a side note, posting guest blogs frequently can be come across as spam. Anything in excess is not good, after all!

  • Social Bookmarking

Now, this isn’t about bookmarking a social media site on your web browser.

Rather, favourite sites can be bookmarked on social bookmarking sites, for others to see and share; you stand the chance to drive quality traffic to your site(s). Simple, isn’t it?

In order to get the most out of social bookmarking, certain things need to be taken care of.

First of all, share your content with a popular, reputed bookmarking site. Do it yourself, and not with the help of some link-building software.

Tag the sites well, as it helps to organize the bookmarks and makes them more relevant. Again, don’t use automation for the same.

Quality, not the quantity, of the links is more important. Google can very well judge the former. For instance, an algorithm called Penguin has been built for the purpose. So, be careful with your bookmarking strategy!

  • Brand Awareness

You have been spending most of your time and efforts on getting your SEO strategy right. But, what if people are not even aware of your digital presence.

Users tend to search for any product or service using generic keywords, and rarely by the brand name. Having said that, Google is known for giving preferential treatment to bigger brands.

So, to drive quality traffic to your site, building a brand authority in your niche is crucial.

Brand awareness goes hand in hand with social media presence. Engaging with potential customers, and with the existing ones, is necessary to serve this purpose.

Also, create a structured local business listing on popular platforms and get noticed. Again, Google has its own set of guidelines when evaluating such business citations.

  • Question-Answer session

This seems funny, doesn’t it?

Well, it is. But just consider the fact (or logic) that when you engage with the online community in a meaningful conversation, it showcases your brighter side to them. And it might help you to promote your brand as well!

Quora is a popular platform where experts try their best to answer the queries faced by a pool of users. And, if the answer is good enough then it is ‘upvoted’ by the users.

Question Answer off page technique

Forum posting is another good way to come across like-minded people and get your point across. While answering niche-related questions, you may add a reference to your own blog or website. Also, try and use some quality keywords in your answer as well. It will help your answer to stand out from the dozens out there!

  • Stay Away from Google Penalties

You might have heard often – “It is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry!”

Google has become more transparent in recent times, and is outlining all of its guidelines more precisely.

So, leverage the situation and prevent your site from getting into unnecessary trouble.

Performing a thorough site audit, content and keyword optimisation will surely help.

On a Final Note…

SEO has indeed become a rocket science nowadays due to complex search algorithms being developed, but ultimately it all comes down to the basics.

Off-page SEO should never be an isolated affair and should be done alongside its On-page implementation.

Follow these strategies (and other ones as well)consistently and make your SEO dreams a reality in 2018.

I think , you will enjoy this post, and it will help you to get the good result in SERP. Please follow above process.

Please give your feedback in comment section and let me know any question regarding of page technique .

Good luck!

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