New Cases for iPhone 11 You Need to See in 2019

The tech-giant Apple has already announced its three premium smartphones; iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Excellent camera quality, better battery life, new design, and powerful processor, iPhone 11 is a highly anticipated smartphone of 2019. If you are planning to buy this precious device on release day, you will need a durable case to protect it. Undoubtedly, your iPhone deserves a case which is not just beautiful but can also keep your phone protected from all kind of damages.

After splashing out thousands on a new iPhone 11, you need to spend a little more on its protection too. A wide range of iPhone 11 cases is available in the online market. However, you need to carefully choose the best one for your beloved device. In this blog, you will find different types of covers & cases available for iPhone 11:

Transparent Cases for iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 comes up with a unique design, and you should not hide it from the eyes of the beholders. Today, most buyers prefer transparent cases because they don't cover up smartphone’s design while bringing an additional layer of protection. They safeguard your phone without making it so bulky. You can also find transparent cases with air-cushioned corners that add extra protection against damage from all kinds of drops and bumps.

Transparent covers look highly attractive due to their defined edges and smooth finish. Besides, you can go with the bumper cases which are similar to transparent cases but consist of a sheet of rubber around the edges. The bumper case improves the grip while making your iPhone look more stylish.

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Leather Cases for iPhone 11

Just imagine your brand new iPhone 11 wearing a classic leather case!

Vintage enthusiasts often prefer leather cases for their beloved smartphones. Leather cases are known for their durability as they develop a patina over time. They usually become better and more artistic the longer you use them. Leather covers are also quite grippy, so if you are one of those who drop their phones quite often, this is the way to go. These cases are also available with vertical card pockets, so you don't need to worry about losing your credit cards and cash.

Heavy-Duty Cases for iPhone 11

If you are looking for the most rugged protection for your precious iPhone 11, these cases are made for you. Apart from being highly durable, these covers provide an easy-to-grip surface for your fingers. Made of diverse materials; the heavy-duty covers come up with a handful of designs. The well-built interior and solid exterior make it capable of handling all kinds of falls and bumps. Moreover, the built-in openings provide easy access to the camera and ports.

You can also find heavy-duty cases with anti-microbial technology that prevents your iPhone 11 from bacteria. Despite the fact that heavy-duty covers are rugged, they are relatively light and comfortable to hold.

Custom Cases for iPhone 11

If you want to give a more personalized look to your iPhone 11, you can prefer investing in the custom-made case. This option allows you to choose the material, design, color, and other aspects for your smartphone cover. If you are looking to make your own style statement with a unique yet stylish case, customization is the way to go.

You can also invest in multiple iPhone 11 cases to give yourself a change whenever you want. Besides, make sure to pair the case with a reliable screen guard to provide complete protection to your brand new device.

Although Apple’s iPhone 11 is a solid device, such precious beauty can often be fragile. If you are going to buy iPhone 11, you must consider investing in perfectly-designed iPhone 11 cases available online in different types, designs, and colors.


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