Mobile Content Delivery: Enhanced Experience for Business Agility.

Mobile Content Delivery is a vital element in the distribution of real-time content for subscribers that improves data flow and productivity, plus effectiveness. With Mobile Content Delivery you can create a unique user experience for specific scenarios through branded apps.

The importance of Mobile Content Delivery has time and again been noticed by business professionals from various industry verticals. Nonetheless, there is a question, can they stretch their features to the mobile program to manage measurable results?

Let’s examine some of their major features.

Targeted Delivery 

Mobile content solutions strive to deliver applicable data to a target audience. Business rules assist in configuration and integration of content delivery, within designated groups or receivers. Highlighted below are some examples of targeted delivery advantages:

  • Significant content is conveyed straight to the sales executive’s mobile devices in industry-specific meetings.
  • Targeted content is distributed at an exact specified time, through a marketing conference or presentation, to institute value-added services for the prospective customers and end-consumers.

 Adapted Content Delivery 

Mobile Content Delivery is comprised of distributed servers that convey web pages and content such as video, software downloads and e-commerce applications, to end-users, respective of their geographic location.

A well-organized content delivery system should be revamped for multiple handheld devices. It is efficient in B2B, B2C, and B2E situations improving convenience to the user.

 Content Security

For several companies, security is a vital feature area. There are many systems and methods available for providing content security. Professionally crafted Mobile Content Delivery allows secure content delivery over mobile devices and secures the content from leakage.

Secured content access plus other configurations like IP/Password/device authentication control must be successfully implemented. The device with an installed application is merged with an enterprise MDM system and distributes the secured content only to permitted devices.

The MDM system manages the presence and use of the app itself. Content delivery networks and the mobile application deter unpermitted content access and are also involved in the app function and unrestricted content sharing.

Content usage tracking

Understanding how and when content is utilized is important in content efficiency measurement. Mobile Content Delivery offers content producers an opportunity to assess when the content is utilized, by tracking content access time; its effectiveness, by looking at the content access length; and if the selected audience is reached, by trailing content access locations and obtaining first-hand feedback from content users.

 A perfect example is the application of mobile content delivery for the e-learning optimization

Mobile Content Delivery is a vital part of the e-learning design and development process, to a large extent, if you deal with a larger audience and a lot of subject matter that needs to be delivered. You are able to organize e-learning content in a single place, offer vast entree to e-learning content, lower the education and progress costs, and decrease the time it takes to integrate social learning experiences, by including other forums such as Facebook and LinkedIn groups that are beneficial for students.

Through the mobile content platform, students and teachers can be interconnected through chats and comments, take assessments, and give and receive feedback online. Teachers are also able to assess a student’s progress and track results with the utmost security applied.

Data loading speed and uptime have become vital elements and a Mobile Content Delivery system offers you an easy way to enhance the performance of your enterprise.

It is similar, though more selective and dynamic than the average mirror site, to a single or many geographically dispersed servers. With a focus on usability and security compliance, Mobile Content Delivery warrants timely and targeted content delivery.

CoreValue’s flagship product, CoreContent, bridges content management systems to mobile devices, and enables timely and targeted content delivery to user/user groups. With a paramount focus on usability and security compliance, our mobile content delivery system facilitates strong communication control and enables instant updates of business-related information.

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