Minecraft To Fortnite– How Video Games Are Capitalising On Toys

The world of gaming is highly popular as many of you know, however the behaviors in which its admiration is expanding and the subdivisions in which it has noticed the most extensive shifts indicates a future where the avenue of gaming might become the prevailing  entertainment mode for centuries to come.

Children are becoming a prominent persuasive part of the gaming market thank to games like Minecraft and fortnite, further abetted by the encouragement of platforms such as twitch and YouTube alike. Exceeding one third of children are allocating more of their time playing video games, compared to a year ago.

Once you evaluate the success in the children’s market, there are two paramount factors to consider. Firstly, it is not just about having an overabundance of content, but rather having the right content. That is a substantial component in a gaming portfolio and is directly responsible for causing an extensive shift in children’s spending as well as engagement.

Fortnite and Minecraft drove the upsurges that was perceived in the children’s marketplace. The conclusion that can be made is that it is not just about the number of games available, but the scale and quality of a few games specific that contributed the most to the success.

Video Games Successfully Capitalising On The Toy Industry


Lego Minecraft that was released on the 06th of June 2012 is a Lego-based set that is focused around the default player of the game and a creeper. The concept of Minecraft merchandise was presented to Lego during December 2011 for the Lego Cuusoo initiative where it received 10000 votes by users, convincing Lego to review the idea. The concept was accepted by Lego Cuusoo in January 2012 where production was started on sets which were based on Minecraft. Another two sets that were founded on the village and nether areas of the game were introduced in September 2013 after which the End saw the light in June 2014. Check out https://www.mrtoys.com.au/ for a broad selection of tech-inspired toys. Lastly, another six large Lego minifigure size sets entered the market in November 2014.


Pop culture vogues like fortnite present an amazing opportunity for toy companies when you take into account the level of investment and loyalty that fans allocate towards their most well liked brands.

Toys that are based on the fortnite characters and environment are a natural progression and an excellent way of extending digital property with material products and merchandise. There is a vast variety of action figures, collectibles, plus, accessories and other toys manufactured that appeal to both expert and beginner players alike.

A few interesting YouTube statistics

  • Fortnite may have been the focal point in discussions during 2019, but the game that prevailed as the top choice on YouTube is Minecraft.
  • Viewership stats for YouTube in 2019 include 60.9 billion views for Fortnite and a staggering 100.2 billion views for Minecraft. Minecraft continues to dominate on YouTube.
  • YouTube contributed in making Minecraft the global phenomena it is today, exceeding 100 million active players monthly.

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