MilesWeb VPS Hosting Review: 10 Reasons to Select This Swadeshi Web Host

Already have a website for your business? Great…it means you are already a step forward from others. How old is your website now?

Is it 2, 3 or more? The number doesn’t matter hear, what matters is the amount of traffic it is receiving. If you are receiving good amount of traffic then handling it might be sometimes difficult for your website. Your website might load slowly during the peak hours/season.

Why would that happen? It is because your website is hosted on a shared server. A shared server has the ability to handle limited amount of traffic because there are even other websites that are sharing the same server. So, if there is a high amount of traffic on any one website on the server, it pulls the resources from other website leading to crashing of other websites.

This means you will need to upgrade your web hosting plan. So, what would be the next option you need to go for? Is it VPS or dedicated hosting?

If you want a solution similar to shared but with independent resources and affordable pricing then VPS hosting India is the one you are looking for. Alternatively, if you want to have your own server without any one sharing it with you and are ready to invest high, dedicated server is the one that will be best for you.

Now with plenty of web hosting providers available in the market, it is difficult to select the best one. But this post will make your work easier because this is the review of the best swadeshi VPS hosting provider. So, let’s check who it is and what are you going to get from them.


The company was started in 2012 in Nasik, Maharashtra, India by three tech professionals. MilesWeb caters over 20k customers not only in India but also in US, UK, Australia, Singapore and Canada as well as some other countries.

And the customers are growing day-by-day. They host websites on high-performance hardware based in several datacenters globally. MilesWeb provide both Linux and cheap Windows VPS hosting environment.

The intention of MilesWeb’s founders wasn’t to follow the crowd and create just another hosting service - they based the new company on an innovative idea:

They found that other web hosting companies had left some gap in web hosting solutions. So, they decided to fill that gap by offering simple, reliable and affordable web hosting solutions possible.

Even after years have passed by, they still follow this principle and enhance their web hosting services for the customers to get a completely featured web hosting plan at pocket-friendly prices.

But do you know how did they get success? How do they manage to keep their prices low and offer high quality? All your doubts will get clear as you read below.

Managed VPS Hosting Plans

Ten Reasons to Select This Swadeshi Web Host for VPS Hosting

Best Uptime

Uptime should be taken seriously as it can either make or break the opinion of yours on a web host. It is important for small business websites to remain always available for their customers because if there is a downtime, they might lose potential sales.

Moreover extended downtimes can lead to your site losing its ranking on Google and this is bad for your business.

Some web hosting providers guarantee the best uptime and some of them hesitate to reimburse when they can’t meet their promises. So, it is very important to check if the web host you selected offers you the guaranteed resources.

Without a doubt you can trust MilesWeb for this. They promise you the best uptimeand see to it that your website always loads when a visitors browses for it.

Best Performance with Enterprise-Grade Hardware and Cloud Powered VPS

Their VPS servers are based on cloud servers that are configured with enterprise-grade hardware. It comprises of SSD technology, powerful Intel Xeon Processors and 128 GB of RAM per server.

You get the best I/O performance with their managed VPS. With this, you get to enjoy the power of a dedicated server as well as the flexibility of cloud.

Solid-State Drives

Their VPS servers comprise of built-in SSDs that are fast and durable as compared to the traditional HDDs. They use the flash technology to improve your page load speed.

SSH and Root Access

You can have complete control over your VPS environment as they offer SSH and root access.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

Their simple and easy-to-use dashboard allows you to reboot VPS, check server load, track memory usage and manage other configurations of the server.

Free VPS Management

When you select managed VPS, they deploy your server as well as optimize and manage the complete server for you without taking any extra charges from you.

 Host Unlimited Websites

You can host multiple websites under your VPS account. There is no restriction on the sites to be hosted.

Instant Provisioning

You won’t need to wait for hours or days to get your account setup. They will setup your web hosting account just after your payment gets confirmed.

No Setup Fee

They won’t take any fees to setup your VPS account. You only need to pay for the plan you have selected.

Robust Infrastructure

They use the technology from leading players such as Cisco, Dell, Supermicro and HP to offer the best uptime and stability.

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The Verdict

Surely you might have now got the reasons to select MilesWeb as your web host. Apart from the above reasons, their customer support is one of the significant features that you can’t ignore. Their team is available 24/7 to help resolve your queries instantly. So, sing up for their VPS hosting plans for your growing website and grow your business smoothly.

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