Microsoft Office 2010 – 4 Apps to Do It All

Office 2010 is one of the versions of Microsoft Office Suite with user interface enhancements and lots of customizable features. Also known as Office 14, Office 2010 is the predecessor to Office 201 and successor to Office 2007. The product boasts of co-authoring features, security improvements, and a customizable ribbon.

PowerPoint 2010 comes equipped with improved picture editing tools such as background removal and cropping tools. Such tools can help make advanced corrections on an image or add quality artistic effects on it. Reducing the file size of a PowerPoint presentation is even possible and you can even enhance your presentations with supplementary presentation programs and software.

Since its release to retail and online outlets, Office 14 was met with generally positive reviews for featuring a Backstage view. Critics also praised the customization options available for the ribbon and the ribbon’s ability to integrate with all apps. Apps such as Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel made it possible for the Office Home and Student 2010 Download to be availed to over 200 million licensees. Discussed below are the features of these apps that make them attractive to use.

Microsoft Word 2010

Office 2010 applications such as OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word are available to consumers for a one-time purchase on a single device. Word 2010, to be specific, targets users who rely on Microsoft Word when creating documents for personal, school or business projects. The program offers faster and more convenient ways of accomplishing new tasks and taking your results to a whole new level.

Microsoft Word 2010 comes bundled with tools for creating better documents, working easily with others and accessing documents at your convenience. The improved document managing and formatting tools simplify content creation processes. Word 2010 stands out as a powerful, customizable and intuitive program out of the Office 2010 productivity suite.

As part of content creation, you can bring your ideas to life using Word 2010. The program can capture complex reports, forms, lists and simple letters used to represent ideas. One standout feature on Word 2010 is the new navigation pane that allows drag-and-drop actions. The navigation pane replaces both the “Find” dialog box and document map found in previous Word versions.

Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft designed Excel 2010 to deliver new rich and enhanced features to the Office 2010 productivity suite. With this application, you can manage, share and analyze in several ways and make smarter decisions. You can even come up with insightful information about your business using the included business intelligence technologies.

Excel 2010 allows you to use Windows Live or Microsoft SharePoint when sharing spreadsheets. You can count on these features when working with other people remotely to accomplish your crucial tasks quickly. The Excel files can even be accessed from a web browser, PC or smartphone. Excel 2010 is a suitable product for collaboration, managing of personal expenses and production of financial reports.

Outstanding features of Excel 2010 include rule-based cell formatting, which allows you to format cells using macros. Others include macro recording support to avoid repeating formulas when working with charts and graphing features for filtering data results. Your device’s available memory will determine the data points limited to a data series.

Microsoft Office OneNote 2010

Instantly searching across notebooks at once was never easy until Microsoft included OneNote 2010 in the Office 2010 suite. The program offers one place for storing information and thoughts. You can use this space to keep content in the form of audio notes, video, images or text. OneNote 2010 also allows you to consolidate content across multiple programs for easy organization and access.

Instances in which OneNote 2010 may help you include planning a project or researching a new topic for a term paper. The application makes it easier to share notebooks or take notes simultaneously with others. You can customize the notebooks by rearranging pages and sections or adding color-coded pages and sections.

The product-specific features in OneNote 2010 include a “Quick Filing” feature for choosing a location to send a notebook. Others include page versioning for viewing multiple versions of a page and recycle bin for storing deleted notebooks or pages. You can sync your notebooks with your Microsoft account and style the galleries with basic formatting options.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 can enable you to quickly and easily create presentations in more engaging ways. The program delivers tools needed to turn basic PowerPoint slides into creative and dynamic masterpieces. Microsoft decided this application to help users meet their evolving needs at their respective workplaces. New technologies embedded in this app allow you to work when and where you want.

PowerPoint 2010 comes equipped with improved picture editing tools such as background removal and cropping tools. Such tools can help make advanced corrections on an image or add quality artistic effects on it. Reducing the file size of a PowerPoint presentation is even possible.

Summing Up

Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint programs released under the Office 2010 suite feature various improvements. The new features and improvements imply that Microsoft aims at improving user experiences with the release of an Office productivity suite. Each of these applications has easy-to-use navigation and editing features. You can count on them to increase productivity and efficiency at school, home or workplaces.

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