Why You should place a Lot of Attention to Your e-mail Campaigns

necessary amount of attention on them, as you should. E-mailing is still at the very core of a company’s marketing, and treating them lightly could cause your company to lose customers. Even worse, sending out messages to your clients without verifying the database first, could have you blacklisted, which would have your messages going directly to customers junk mail. Here is what you need to know about e-mailing in 2022.

Where to start: Clean Your Database

If you haven’t been using your database for a while and you are reading this, the first thing you have to do is to clean your database, by using a software that will catch-all email addresses that don’t exist anymore. It will also look for honey pots (emails created to catch spammers) as well as dangerous ones behind which a hacker could be lurking, waiting to send a virus to your computer, once it receives yours. This action is not to be neglected in any way. In fact, it is better to start again from the beginning and create a brand-new e-mail database than to use one that is filled with potential problems.

It is easy to be considered a spammer online. A few e-mails that haven’t been working for a while, some people complaining that they haven’t opted to receive your mails, and you could find your company in serious trouble, when it comes to e-mailing. In fact, you could end-up writing to your collaborators and they won’t see your e-mails anymore, as it will find its way into their junk folder. That is definitely something you want to avoid at all costs, because e-mails are a necessary part of almost everyone’s work, these days.

Work on increasing the number of e-mail addresses for Your Newsletter

The cost of acquiring customers is high, in most industries. If people show interest in the products or services that you provide, you need to make sure that they receive information about them, whenever it makes sense. The amount of time between two newsletters could vary greatly, according to the industry you work in, but you should make sure that it doesn’t go on too long. After two months of invisibility, people may think that your firm doesn’t exist anymore. 

Once you get customers used to your mailing rhythm, whatever it may be, you have to remain on time, afterwards. If you send them out every Monday, then stick to this, no matter what happens and don’t skip one week for any reasons. If you need to stop, during holiday times, then you need to advise your customers the week before that they won’t be receiving a new one until whichever date it is that you come back. But it would be best to find a solution and send out a message every week, anyway.

Personalize your messages through the use of AI

Emailing campaigns today have changed quite a lot from what they used to be. The technology has evolved, which means there is much more you can do with them. However, the biggest difference that can be found nowadays, is the use of AI (artificial intelligence), in order to create messages that are more adapted to everyone’s needs. By accumulating information on each of your customers, and having everything go through an AI, you will be able to send different messages to everyone (at least in various groups) according to their particular needs. 

Let’s take an example to understand this better. If one of your customers has visited your website after a particular mailing campaign, the AI will make a note of it. It probably means that he was interested in a given product, which can be confirmed by checking the pages he stayed on, during his visit. It may also be that he enquired about a particular item or service, in the past. To optimize the potential of the campaign, the AI will probably send a rebate on that given object, trying to get him to buy, while using a different product for another customer.

This is but the tip of the iceberg, regarding the necessity of using e-mails to market your products and services. It should be sufficient to make you revise your digital marketing strategy as a whole, if you have left that part behind, in the past.

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