What are the Key Elements needed to define a Content Marketing Strategy

“Content is king.” If you haven’t heard by now, then you need to learn fast. We live in a world where people are always looking for something. And first and foremost, what they want is information. If you can provide it to them, then they will probably head or remain on your website when they need a product or a service in your field. Here are some of the key elements that you need to think of, in order to succeed, when it comes to content marketing.

Brand identification

If you have not defined yet what your brand is, in terms of visual, but also in regards to the values it wants to share with its customers, then it is time for you go back to square one and define them once and for all. These important indicators cannot be changed along the way, so make sure that you are convinced about your choices. It is not easy to proceed to such an analysis that will define a brand forever, so don’t hesitate to ask for help, if need be, by visiting a digital marketing specialist. You can do so right here: https://www.12handz.com/. Once you are good to go, start your content strategy and keep going by keeping it simple with the values you have chosen, always at the forefront.

Have Clear Objectives

Online marketing is the same as traditional marketing: If you don’t know the precise purpose why you are doing it, then you will get results that won’t come close to your expectations. Therefore, you need to know what you are trying to communicate, in terms of content. It won’t be the same if you are aiming to gain visibility, then if you are trying to sell a product. The main subject will vary widely, and other themes touched upon, as well. That’s another point where a marketing specialist will come in handy, as you need to think of the outlets where your communication will be seen.

Longer is Better

When you offer informative content, you should aim to do so, by going in depth on the subject you are tackling. There are two reasons for it. The most important one is the Google motor. It prefers longer texts, as it believes it provides more information to its users (one of the qualities that it looks for on the websites it roams). The other reason is that people will most probably find the answer they were looking for in a complete text, which is the goal, after all. Otherwise, they will continue their search and will end-up on your competitor’s website.

Try to entertain

Today’s virtual world is often based on entertainment. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, content is king, as Netflix has showed us throughout the last two years. That is why, in order to create an interesting link to your customers, you should think about entertaining them, through content. Marketing is something that helps you sell, and if you want to make it work, you need for your public to listen to what you have to say. If after saying “we are having a great sale” you have nothing more, they may not come back, if they even bother to go to your website and search for products. By creating characters and stories that your clients can relate to, while being entertained, you will not only keep them on your site, but they will also come back for more. Which of course, is the most important goal, since acquiring a client costs a lot, and you want to maximize its value once you have gained his trust.

Create your Content wisely

Content is only good if you provide what your customers are looking for. If you are too far away from your subject, your content will have the reverse effect of what you want it to do. Therefore, you need to look at the key words that relate to your industry and stay around the themes that go along with them. If you sell houses and you create content about movies, even if it is related in some distant way, it will drive your customers away. That is because when they search for a particular subject, they want to be informed on it, precisely.

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