Is The Development Of A Mobile Application Expensive?

The world of mobile applications has a very particular characteristic: Scalability. That is, to universalize your product and reach a larger group of customers, you do not need to make substantial investments in infrastructure. The debate on hybrid or native is very trite.

The native code in the apps (Java on Android and Objective-C/Swift on iOS) is a bit slower to develop but in turn allows absolute personalization, as well as being able to get the most out of a smartphone.

Many businesses or business models base their full potential on a mobile application. It is essential to take this into account when contemplating if app development is expensive or cheap.

Is it logical that a large publicly traded company complains that an app means a “big expense” when millions of merchandising are spent without any sense? Or at parties that bring little or no value to your company? Can you say that an app that will serve thousands of users seems expensive, costing half (or less) than the salary of any of its employees?

To develop good native code, you need good programmers with several years of experience and specialization in the development of native mobile applications. These experienced developers are worth hiring for your cost to develop an app.There are no possible shortcuts: greater experience and knowledge, higher quality in the final product and less development time.

The salaries of experienced computer engineers or qualified programmers are not low. Also, there is an occurrence at the moment that raises these wages over other professional categories: higher demand than supply. Many companies are looking for “digital talents,” and there are very few experienced programmers available. It is possible that in the future, this will change that the new generations will learn how to program in schools, but for now, this is not the case.

Alternatively, the cost to assemble a “tech team” in the company to develop the app is very expensive. It requires a designer with knowledge in mobile usability, a project manager and at least one developer for each platform. That means you will have to pay at least three specialists. Considering this situation, the development of the app by a specialized company will always be cheaper.

Taking into account all these conditioning factors, if someone wants to develop the “new Facebook” or “Whatsapp” with a customized social network, is it expensive to cost $ 15,000 per platform? The simple answer is NO. In fact, for a business based entirely on an app, it seems cheap. How much does it cost to start any other project? If you set up a restaurant, it is clear that it will cost more depending on: rent/purchase of the premises, reform, hospitality machinery, furniture, etc.

So many reasons contribute to the fact that almost everyone wants to pay little for their mobile app.

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Quality: This is perhaps the most vital reason of all. Many developers create low-quality apps for their clients without considering the consequences. That is why you need to contact top mobile app development companies when you want to create your app.
  2. Intrusiveness: Anyone with a minimum knowledge of web development is thrown into the pool and claims to be a developer of mobile applications. He charges little and makes products that are not worth anything. But since they are cheap, they seem to be okay. The success rate of these products is 0%. As a result of charging low prices, clients will have the thinking that app development is cheap. The top quality app will be guaranteed when you meet with top app development companies. These companies have the needed experience to integrate the features that will best suit the app.
  3. Lack of specialization: You shouldn’t try to be a man orchestra that does it all. That does not work anymore. You should have an area of concentration. If you find someone who makes you the business model, design, programming, and testing, you shouldn’t expect excellence from the final result. Find people who know a lot about a specific field, and you will see how the final product excels.
  4. Little attention to key concepts, e.g., application testing: Sometimes, apps are delivered without being tested. You shouldn’t let the testing process fall on the users because it will spoil the perception of your company. Nobody wants to buy a car that does not work. The same thing happens with apps. Of course, testing also has a cost, but it will assure you that in the long run, it is beneficial to go through the process of searching and debugging errors.
  5. Design: You need to have a designer on the team. You cannot undertake a development without thinking about the design. It is a small expense compared to the benefits it will bring you. If it can be 5-10% of the cost, your product may have an 80% higher chance of success, so you should never overlook it. The top mobile app development companies have all the specialists in different fields that will ensure that you get the value of your money.
  6. Lack of professional profiles in companies and projects. If nobody in the team knows the scope of software development, they are unaware of the work behind the classic “put a button there.” The best thing is that someone from the team understands the digital world. It is essential to have someone who can act as an interlocutor with the development team and at the same time know the difficulties and problems they will have to face.

This problem of perception of technological products as being expensive cannot be solved with a simple post. But it is important to raise awareness of the cost of developing good digital products. When you want to create a quality app that stands out, you should contact top app development companies. Do not go to “jack of all trade” because it will most likely fail.

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