Is One Web Browser Better for Gaming Than Another

Are you thinking of upgrading your work PC to a gaming PC? Maybe you already have and are wondering if you can further improve your gaming experience. Or maybe the browser you’re using is just too infuriating to stick with anymore. We understand. Don’t keep testing out games to be really, really sure that it’s the browser and switch. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of options out there – and, yes, some are better than others. Take a look at our recommendations for the browser you should switch to.

The Short Answer:

Yes. But it really depends on who you ask. There are a lot of gamers out there with opinions on everything from gameplay to the graphics in a puddle.

The longer answer is that there are three options at the front of the race. They are the three names that keep coming up when gamers are asked what the best browser is, and you might even have heard of them. You might be expecting some made-for-purpose browsers for gaming, and one of them would make you correct, but the three frontrunners when it comes to the best browser for gaming include the names Firefox and Google Chrome.

Yes, the two browsers that you might download after opening Internet Explorer solely to download one of these actually impresses gamers. After all, that’s a high feat. If you are a PC gamer, you’ve already loaded thousands of dollars into a gaming PC, too much effort into lovingly crafting your PC, and far too much time on Steam playing, usually via a browser. This is a question that needs to be answered by the people that take their lifestyle seriously.

So, if that sounds like you, you should definitely open up Internet Explorer …to download Google Chrome or Firefox. Chrome is absolutely loaded with add-ons that offer a sizeable amount of gaming features to your browser. It’s also optimised for multitasking, so it can handle your casual games or warpath marathons, your Discord server, your streaming service, and anything else you can throw at it with ease.

Firefox is also famed for its ability to easily handle multimedia and games, so gamers love it. The multimedia feature has a pop-out feature, which gamers are bound to love with everything else open or can allow you to open a stream while you play. In fact, called it the best option, saying that it used the least amount of RAM across all the browsers they tried, allowing PC gamers to save their valuable memory.

Any runner ups?

Well, actually yes. Microsoft Edge is on that list. 4th in line to the victory space, the Internet Explorer replacement hasn’t really been given a chance to impress due to the reputation of its predecessor, but gamers have taken notice.

Its main downfall is a distinct lack of gaming features. However, its redesign gives it a Chromium engine powering a slick interface that gamers and non-gamers alike can appreciate.

But, if you’re looking for gaming features, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. The best options are gaming browsers, which are designed for purpose and designed for gamers. One such name is Vivaldi. Vivaldi might focus on privacy, but it’s also a powerful browser that can easily handle multimedia like streaming and gaming with ease. Its privacy features include end-to-end encryption and a promise never to sell your data, but its selling point to gamers is its split screen and gaming features that can be added on.

Have you considered a gaming browser?

But if you really want to take your gaming seriously, you should get a gaming browser. And the answer is practically unanimous on what is considered the best gaming browser.

Opera GX is a chromium-based browser that is created for gamers and it’s shown in every aspect of it. Whether in dark or light mode, it has a slick dynamic design that could rival the backdrop of the PS5 and it was optimised for speed and control, so no one is glitching through their adventure.

Plus, it has a range of integrated apps, like Discord, Reddit, YouTube and Amazon: all favourites of the gamer. You can limit your RAM and CPU usage, clean out old junk with it, and gain access to a superior audio dashboard to get the best immersive experience through your headset.

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