Incremental Backup: A Guide on How It Works

Data backup is an important aspect of every business. This ensures that every piece of data is stored in a secure environment and can be easily accessed.

Various scenarios may lead to the loss of data such as hardware failure, human errors, and others.

When this happens, it’s best if there is a data backup solution such as an incremental backup to help retrieve the lost data.

Incremental backup has proven to be an important data management method that has helped organizations secure their large data in an easy and fast way. To get a more detailed understanding of it, here is an introduction.

What Is Incremental Backup?

If you are wondering what incremental backup is, then you are reading the right article to answer your question.

This is a backup that only saves and backs up that latest data that has been added into the system since the last backup.

It will track all new changes, modifications, and additions of data before backing them up through your synchronized backup method such as cloud backup.

If there was a full backup on Wednesday, for example, the incremental backup on Thursday will only include the data added or changed on Thursday. This method decreases the risk of data loss due to hardware failure, software faults, or human mistakes while saving time and storage space.

It is also a time saving process unlike some backup strategies that overwrite all of the data over and over. It’s no wonder why it is used by large companies or projects that handle large amounts of data and large teams.

How Does Incremental Backup Work?

Incremental backup works by backing up only the changes made since the last backup. Let’s say a company has created files on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and they decide to do a full backup, which will include the backups for the three days. If the company decides to do an incremental backup on Thursday, only the latest data that has been added since the previous day will be backed up.

Incremental backup can be performed at different intervals depending on the organization’s needs. Some may choose to do it daily while others do it periodically. The quantity and importance of the data will determine how frequently incremental backups are performed.

As such, it is best for the organization, company, or project to assess their operations and come up with a backup sequence. Most companies prefer daily backups to stay safe.

The Importance of Incremental Backup

Incremental backup is an essential strategy for companies, and it benefits them in several ways, such as:

  • Incremental backup prevents data loss – When all of the data is added or changed and backed up frequently, there is a lower chance of losing data in cases of disasters such as software bugs or hardware failure. A reliable solution by professionals is important in this case.
  • It cuts down time for backups – Since it involves copying and adding a new file, the entire process takes up less time, and on top of that, does not occupy a lot of space. This is unlike the full backup, which overwrites all of the backup afresh, taking a lot of time.
  • It saves storage space – Today, there’s a lot of data streaming in and out of a business on a daily basis. This can take up a lot of space if there is a lot duplications during backups. However, incremental backup prevents any duplications by tracking and storing only new data and changes made since the last backup.
  • Enables companies to restore data – Do you need to recover some data for your project? Since incremental backup has all of your backup, it is easy to recover data to a precise point in time. This is why you should make it a habit to save data frequently. In fact, systems can be automated to save all of your data at a specific time.

Ensures data is backed up more frequently – Incremental backup allows users to set how they want their data to be backed up. Most tools used by backup solution providers make it easy to do this. Check to ensure that the data is backed up frequently, ensuring that every data is always protected.


For enterprises of all sizes, incremental backup is a crucial backup method. It decreases the chance of data loss, frees up time and storage space, and increases the frequency of data backups. You should work with professionals in data backup to help you in this. Now that you know more, it is time to use incremental backup in your projects or enterprise.

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