Inbox Magic: 5 Game-Changing Email Marketing Tips

Are you certain you are getting every ounce of potential from your marketing campaigns?

Email marketing is a cheap, fast, and effective marketing tool. So many people don’t use it to its high potential!

How can you get email marketing to the next level?

Let’s look at some of the best email marketing tips in the business. Then you can see for yourself.

Top Email Marketing Tips

Email being useful is the obvious part. How can you tweak the usual mailing format to get the most out of your email marketing? Try these tips.

 1. Personalize and Recognize Your Audience

This is where it all begins. An email that doesn’t connect with your customer base is worthless to you. You need to understand what hits your target audience and why.

First, discover more about your audience. Whether you use surveys or monitor purchase histories on accounts, there is a lot you can learn about each and every person. Use this information to separate your mailing base into separate groups.

The last thing you want to do is spam a carbon copy email to every single person. Use this new sub-groups of your mailing list to customize the email to their interests, age group, or even location.

If you have access to the name of each person, add that as the greeting of each email. The more personal the email feels, the more positive of an impact it will have.

 2. Make Use of the Space

Every inch of your email must be potent and useful.

The subject line is the first thing a customer sees. Make it personal and conversational. You want to spark interest in what you have to say.

Once you have their attention, keep it with scannable content. This means every bit is precise and easy to understand by scanning over it with your eyes. This keeps you from losing your contact by droning on for hours about unneededcontent.

If you have a longer pitch, link them to an article.

3. Concise Consistency

A good email marketing campaign is short, sweet, but also consistent.

You lose your audience if your emails are sporadic.

On the other hand, if you get a rhythm and a schedule, your articles become a part of your audiences routine. As soon as your article becomes a part of their schedule, you are a part of their life.

Keep a schedule, keep your content and quality consistent.

 4. Split Testing

Split testing helps you refine your email content for the best effectiveness.

The idea is to split a sub-group of your email audience into two groups. Send a different draft to each group and monitor the responses.

This gives you a solid idea as to what kind of format works for each sub-group. Do this as many times as needed for each sub-group to get the best-refined draft.

5. Be Ready to Follow Through

What is the point of an email marketing campaign?

The point is to get people to buy your products and services. That means your emails need to end at a landing page for your business.

Throughout the campaign, you should establish a connection with your audience. A landing page is a finishing touch, it should be the culmination of the brand you are trying to sell.

Syncing Up Your Efforts

Knowing how to do an email marketing campaign is great. Having the tools to make a marketing campaign great is even better.

The power of Hubspot Mailchimp gives you the power to sync up a host of apps and devices. You can create a powerful web of interworking programs to give you the best reach on the market.

Taking Your Campaign to New Heights

This is only the beginning. The best way forward is to use these email marketing tips.

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