The Importance of Social Media Marketing in 2023

Did you know that about 70% of the people living in America use social media on a regular basis? And if this was not enough, some research showed that around ¾ of the Millennials buy a product online when they see some product on any online social media. Now, this is very important in today’s day and time, because if you are unable to reach these customers online, then you actually are missing out a huge lot of people.

A well-planned and a well-constructed social media marketing strategy can show your brand or business new heights. From customer insights to brand recognition, social media is, and will integrate into every business strategy. We cannot argue when we say that social media marketing plays an important role in today’s time. Some of the benefits of social media marketing are mentioned below;

  1. It Improves the Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is crucial regardless of the type of business you are engaged in. Try to make an online presence on the leading social media sites, and you are likely to increase your brand recognition. I have a question to ask you, ‘What good is your business when around 70% of the people don’t know it exists?’

  1. Improves Your Brand Loyalty

How can you achieve this? All you need to do is employ the tools offered by these sites. For example; try to introduce a helpline for the customers so that they can engage with your brand. If this campaign becomes a hit, it will surely motivate the customers to become loyal supporters to your cause.

  1. Reduced Costs for Marketing

Every business requires marketing; whether traditional or online. If you go for the traditional marketing, be prepared to pay huge chunks of money. This is why social media marketing comes to your rescue; they are reliable and cheap. Presently, the marketing on the social media sites is relatively cheap, thanks to the free following that is offered by a large number of people using the social media.Having said that, how can we forget the amount of hard work required to set up a traditional marketing campaign. But, with online marketing on these sites, you need to spare just a few hours, and you are good to go. Tips on how to buy twitter followers and does it grow your traffic.

  1. It Improves Your Search Engine Ranking

This is what we all are fighting for, right? A better ranking on the search engines. But, the question that is raised here is, ‘how much effort does it require from your end to channel into the search engine ranking via social media?’ If you were to ask me, my answer would be a lot. How? Search engines are not blind. They know your social media presence. So, what can you do here? Make your blog SEO friendly.

  1. It has Access on a Wider Level

Now, this is important. While the traditional marketing methods will only reach nationally, the social media marketing will reach the audience on a wider level, internationally. It is a good way to search for a new audience at the other corner of the world while staying connected with your present audience at the same time. We cannot deny the importance of social media marketing is huge. Imperial Leisure, a social media agency that can provide the tips to improve your social media presence.


If you are planning to set up a new business, or just want to expand your business, then think about how you can improve your social media presence. The first thing to do is, spread the word about your brand, tell the people that it exists. Remember, social media is here to stay; today, tomorrow, and probably, for quite a lot of time. Although, we can’t predict the exact time it is here to stay, if we want to focus on our present, then this is the answer to your marketing strategy. People these days are always on the go, and they want the easy way out. No one has the time, and energy to look at traditional marketing bulletins. So why not try something people are interested in? You can reach a wide range of audience via these social media sites. No matter whether you are just a newbie in the world of business, it is important to reach out to people, and you can do this, via social media marketing.

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