How to Write Most Effective Content for Attracting More Website Traffic

The former vice chair for General electric nails it right in the head with this one. Content is what drives traffic to your sites. In the age of cutthroat competition and advanced digital marketing techniques, it won’t just do to have good content. What you need instead is great content, content that is easy-to-read, relatable, and packs in quite a punch.

If we need a new pair of gym trainers, we search online. If we need a cab to attend a party, the web comes to our rescue once again. We use the Internet to have flowers delivered to our loved ones as well. Frankly, we would be pretty high and dry if not for the web these days.

As a content marketer, new-age tech and mobile-first strategies should be on top of your list of priorities in the current times. If you do not want to get washed away in a sea of content on the Internet, the best thing to do is learn how to make more people visit your site using the superb content. Here are some fun content marketing stats to inspire you along the way.

  • 78% of digital marketers are churning out more content than ever as a stable content marketing strategy
  • Around half of the companies in the UK (42%, to be precise) are producing fresh content every week
  • As for ROI, 41% of marketers say that they have yielded positive results from their content marketing tactics
  • The cost of implementing a strong content marketing strategy is 62% less than traditional marketing techniques and are responsible for generating 3 times more leads

Such is the picture all over the globe.

With the rise in demand for relevant and tailor-made content, you must match steps with the rest to make it a foolproof strategy if you want more traffic to come your way.

Sure-fire techniques to help you create compelling content

Both B2B and B2C companies have launched into a full-blown war over who creates the best content. Consumers have the world at their fingertips with web search enabled smartphones becoming the most popular gadget of all time. Marketers around the globe are trying to cash in on the moment to create content that reaches the consumers just when they need it the most. Content marketing has taken on many forms over the years. We have seen it evolve quite a few times, adapting to the changes in the market and digital trends.

  • Go for quality instead of quantity

If you want to have your readers eating out of your hands, then you should give them content that makes them do so. Always go for quality over quantity. Make sure it’s the superb quality of your content that sets you apart from the rest. Using online tools like character counter with spaces to help you keep track of the words, characters, and sentences you use in a text is greatly recommended for quality content and there is copywriting software too that you can use to have high-quality content.Try to loop in the readers with anecdotes, stats, and everyday struggle stories that inspire, awe, and move them.

Emotions sell like hot cakes over the web, so cash in on a personal success story. Add some dramatic flair to what you write, and the readers will lap it up in no time at all. However, you should always aim to start off with a superb introduction and take the content to a whole new level altogether, so it attracts more readership. That, in turn, will get you more website traffic and more revenue.

  • Brainstorm for killer content ideas

At the dawn of all things digital, there was a time when content creators pandered mainly to the search engines. We have come a long way from that. Both the quality of content and its popularity contribute to search engine ranks. So you might want to come up with some epic content ideas that click with your readers instead of targeting the search engines.

While coming up with viral content ideas might not be something that happens every day. But having a brainstorming session with your team together regularly can help you to a greater extent. Brainstorming sessions for innovative content ideas are the way to go, if you want to follow in the footsteps of marketing biggies.

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  • Learn to create epic headlines

Who would not want to give a read to an article that yells “This One Trick Will Change Your Life…Forever!”? Or one that says “10 Reasons Why You Need These Amazon Products for Your Kitchen Right Now!” is too hard to pass off, frankly. Studies reveal headlines have more power than we would like to admit. In fact, website traffic is said to vary almost 500% solely based on the headline.

Reports from Wired say that headlines are responsible for content going viral on the web more than the content itself. Figures, you know, for the headline is the first thing that draws your readers in. The best ones range between 62 to 70 characters, for that matter. In fact, 36% of readers love headlines that contain numbers while others prefer “how to” posts and the use of the word ‘you’ in headlines. Thus, now is the time that you craft some epic headlines that catch the eye and bring a host of people to your website.

  • Hone your tone to perfection

Your readers are the ones that you should hold dear. They are your target audience, and you should ideally be curating and creating content that appeals to their needs and problems. The best way to achieve that is by setting the tone of your content right. Align it with that of your target audience and half of the job is done.

Establish an interactive and personal relationship with your readers. Encourage them to engage on a virtual level with your content by providing just what they want. Be it ironic, solemn, formal, informative, preachy, or funny, make sure your audience can relate to what you have to say. Getting to the root of what your audience wants is thus what will help you set the tone for your content.

  • Arrange for some visual delight

It is the age of visual content. People around the world are more likely to go over a post containing infographics and images because it has a certain visual appeal. In fact, posts with visual content offer 650% more engagement rates on the Internet. With 50% of people logging on to Facebook daily with the purpose of watching at least one video, we all know where that takes us.

As a new-age marketer, you should thus be focusing on bringing out more visual content to engage your readers. Infographics are a fabulous way to start, and you can design them online using free tools too. Couple up a great copy with some visual splendour (read: images, infographics, illustrations, charts, diagrams etc.) and you can see a marked rise in website traffic.

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  • Root for precision all the way

As a seasoned marketer in the business, you must be no stranger to conducting in-depth research for all articles that you publish. It is indeed essential for accuracy scores really high in the minds of the readers. Since the Internet is flooded with content nowadays, readers are always on the lookout for the authenticity of the news or reports that they read online.

Always cite the external sources that you have used for information or other insights. However, if you want more traffic to come your way, go for some of the biggest names in your niche when linking them to your posts. That way, you will ensure the credibility of the posts as well as create a strong backlinking game. That, in turn, will end up in getting your website way more traffic than before.

Parting words

Be it creating spectacular headlines or introducing bucket-loads of visual content, there are plenty of ways that you can improve the quality of your content. In addition to helping you master the art of writing copies that sell like hot cakes, you will also have a fair share of traffic coming to your website. And we all know what that means: increased revenue.

So what are you waiting for? To make sure that you have a marked rise in the amount of traffic on your website, design and create content using our suggestions. A few touches here and there, and you can bring out content that leaves your readers in awe, and help you flourish your business. Good luck!

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