How to use videos to convert your cold audience to buyers

Many marketers are using videos to get an immense return on investment for their companies. Most of you must be aware of the fact that video works like a charm.

You can indeed use a smartphone and a free video editing software to create a video for no cost whatsoever. If you want to come up with an animated explainer video, you have an option to use an explainer video software to create one for your business. But, to create a compelling video, you need some excellent skills to create a video that stands out amid the competition

You need to spend some time to sharpen your video production skills. If you are out of time, there is an option to hire an explainer video production company. These companies have a reputation of coming up with best explainer videos that generate leads and sales for businesses. You do not need to hire a copywriter, video editor, animator, and other professionals if you join hands with those companies.

Before hiring a freelancer or an agency, you need to complete this article. It is crucial to know about the types of videos and how you can use those specific videos to get the desired outcome from your efforts.

How can I various types of videos to increase my profit?

You cannot expect a person who knows nothing about your business to purchase a product by checking out your promo video. There is a process that a cold audience goes through before they are buying a product. After finishing this section of this article, you will be aware of different types of videos and how you can use them as per your needs.

In case you are promoting to the cold audience:

There is stiff competition on the market out there, and people have more choices than ever before. If you expect some random people to buy a product after viewing random ads on the internet, you are wrong.

A cold audience is a group of people who have no idea whatsoever about your product/service or a company. You need to use some specific types of videos strategically.

Here are the types of videos that you should use if you are promoting your video to the cold audience.

Educational videos

The first type of video that you should invest in is the informational videos. You can create videos that offer some valuable information covering the pain points of your target audience. For instance, a video about the importance of having a great resume can be the right subject if you are a recruiting agency.

There are different types of videos that you can use for educating masses. The whiteboard animation video or a general 2D animated video can work great for you. You do not need to spend a lot of money to create these types of video, and they are quite useful in delivering the message as well.

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All-round videos

The second type of video that you can use can be all-around videos. By all-around videos, I am trying to say a mix of everything. You can mix tutorials with education and a bit of promotion of what you are offering to them.

Aherfs does a great job when they publish all-around videos. Check out this video posted by Aherfs. If you carefully analyze this video, it is not a fully commercial video. The users are learning how they can make use of guest posting, and at the same time, Aherfs is promoting their product.

Make sure that your videos are shareable so that it can reach to the more significant number of people online.


Many people rely on online tutorials these days to solve something. You can reach out to your target audience by creating and publishing some step-by-step tutorials. Teach them things like doing research on Amazon, writing an article, opening a Shopify store, and so on.

By continually sharing useful and valuable tutorials with your audience, you build a rapport with them. Publishing these tutorials mean building a base for promoting your offer.

When you are promoting to people who are considering your product/service

In this stage, people are aware of their pain points and your company. However, they still want to learn more about the solutions and their alternatives before moving forward. These videos will work great in this stage.

Illustrative videos

Your viewers are aware of their pain points and various concepts by this time. It is an ideal time for you to retarget them with explanatory videos. There are plenty of ideas that need an in-depth explanation. You can use illustrative videos to explain the complex concepts backed by statistics.

When you finish explaining the concepts, you can introduce your company and your product as a solution.

Product videos

You can create a product video and promote it on social media platforms and also your site. Making a product video is an effective way to showcase a variety of products as a solution to a problem.

If you are selling something like an app, you can create a demo video of how you can use the app to get things done. A persuasive sales copy with a product copy can bring an influx of cash to your company.

If you are promoting to hot prospects

After the consideration stage, there might be little misunderstandings or objections that might be stopping people from taking actions. Use the types of videos below to get the most out of your videos in this stage.

Answer frequently asked questions

Once your prospects are well aware of their pain points and your products, there might be something that could be holding them back. Anticipate the issues that they might have and then make a video answering those queries.

Most of the time, the questions of most of the prospects are similar. For instance, the people who are willing to purchase a course would be interested to know if that course works out for a complete beginner or not.


Every company in the world says that their product is the best in the world. However, that does not mean anything for the people who are listening to the message.

To win the trust of the prospects, you need to provide the valid proof that they can trust. Making a testimonial video can earn the trust of the hot prospects, alluring them to take action right away.


Feel free to create a commercial video and promote it to the hot prospects. By now, your customers are already aware of your brand, product, and many other things. Just create a commercial video and show them how to purchase in the video.

Over to You

I hope this article has changed the way you perceive video marketing. For many people, video marketing is only about creating videos and publishing them on YouTube or other video platforms. However, those marketers who create videos have a strategy in place before even creating a single movie clip.

Depending on your business, your audience, and your budget, you should select the type of video that you should focus at first. What kind of video will you be creating next? Let us know your answer and the reason for choosing that type of video.

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