How To Spot A White Hat Link Building Company

Today, you can wear three hats comprising of white, black and gray in the world of search engine optimization with each one of them posing it’s own merits and demerits.However, understanding the differences between them is of paramount importance, lack of which might put you under the radar of search engine like Google and you won’t even know. We will pay more attention on white hat link building. If you find that your site ranking is getting down, you need to know the reasons behind it and penalty checker is a good way to do this.

Nowadays, SEO agencies are increasing very fast like cancer making it more difficult to decipher which one will actually provide the white hat technique you need for your web.

Hence,  this article aims at serving as a guideline for you to be able to have a ‘ right time spot’ at any hat link building company.

●      Reaching Out To Site Manually

Most of the black/gray hat links building companies usually employ the service of purchasing links from a site.  The consequence of this is that Google and any other search engine are notified and can cause your web to be penalized.  A white hat link building company usually makes an outreach to the site to be use in order to seek their consent.  Building online relationship between your web and other web based on honesty is of paramount importance for strong backlink development on outreach or not. You can also use an agency such as if you don’t fancy the manual approach.

●      Uniqueness

Another thump up feature you should look for in any white hat link is how special the referring domain is.  You should neglect a ‘white hat link having the same referring link to your website.  This is due to the fact that constant use of links from a site will lead to devalue of subsequent links by search engines like Google.

Always ask whether the white hat link building company has multiple domains to select from in order to be unique.  In addition,  the placement site of the link also matters.  A good white hat link is not suppose to be placed at the same point it is in the referring site.

●      What They Do With Your Backlinks

Backlinks are external links that lead to your website.  You create backlinks in other people’s web or blog in order to increase the traffic to your site.  However,  if the linking company relies on black hat links,  you may be getting the opposite of what you should get.

A good white hat linking company is suppose to do a thorough analysis of your backlinks in order to help multiply traffic to your web.  Also, there is what is called anchor text that matches with what makes your competitors rank higher.  This is also employed by a good linking company in order to have even a higher rank than your competitors.

●      What They Do With Your Anchor Text

As earlier stated, your anchor text facilitates traffic to your site and that is why a good link building company should have a full grasp of how to manage and control it.  They should know how and where to place anchors text on a guest post in order to have a quality backlinks. If you want to add the contextual anchor in article then you should prefer guest blogging that allows you to tactically place anchor text, the clickable text with hyperlink in your technology guest post. guest post offers an opportunity to diversify your anchor text.

If your anchor text is not well managed and controlled,  your site,  in addition to having a low traffic,  Will most likely have an imbalance distribution of links with probably different links directing to the same web page.

●      The Success Rate

One other thing you must look for is how successful is the white hat liking domain.  How many of their links have actually boost any site’s SEO.  That should provide case studies as testimonies. A good white hat link building company should provide you with a free link.  However, do not depend on that and make sure to do a thorough investigation on your own; is the referring domain unique? The content?  Site of your new link” etc.  You should know that a poorly developed backlink will cause more damage than a misplaced backlink.  Therefore,  ensure to do a thorough investigation about how the company does it work.

●      Letting You Know

Most of the black hat link building company will ensure to hide away the process form you and leave you in the dark.  However,  what a good hat link building company does is to allow you have an understanding of how to works.  This will expose you more to their level of professionalism,  confidence, organization etc.  Make sure to request to know about the process and decide on your own whether it is a white or black hat link building company.  However,  some of the black companies may also allow you to know the process.  So,be cautious to have a full grasp of it.

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