How To Set Up An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Beyond your presence on the web, you must imperatively attract, interest and convince your future customers for your Internet marketing strategy to be effective.

In this article, we start to detail the first 3 out of the 6 pillars of an effective digital marketing strategy for you to develop and increase your business revenue as well as customer retention.

Step 1: Analysis

It is essential to carry out an analysis of your products and services in the market so that you can position yourself as extraordinary, thereby standing out.

To achieve this, the Internet provides you with numerous tools (free or paid) to analyze:

  • Your competitors and their practices,
  • Consumer behavior,
  • Market trends,
  • The geographic areas to target,

Step 2: The Site

Your online presence will be your first contact with all your future partners, customers, suppliers, and employees. Ensure that you have a powerful impact on them so your presence will never be overlooked.

The first aspect to work on is the domain name for your website which will be the entry point for your communication. It is important to know your objectives very well in order to understand the type of site you require such as storefront, merchant, Marketplace, blog, intranet, extranet, etc.

Also, ensure that your site respects other criteria such as for example:

  • Compatible with the requirements of search engines to be visible in natural referencing,
  • Compatible with tablets and mobiles (Responsive Design),
  • Efficient in terms of conversion architecture,
  • Easy to measure to identify areas for improvement.

Beyond your website, you will benefit from being visible on other various social media networks.

Moreover, know that the mobile has its own important place. It will, therefore, be necessary to ensure that the loading times of the pages of your site, and in particular the most important pages (Home Page & landing pages mainly), are fast in loading.

Two tools provided by Google will allow you to test the performance of your pages and highlight the number of Internet users you lose with a page not optimized for mobile. They are:

  1. Think with Google Feature
  2. Developers Speed Google

Step 3: Visibility

Once you go online, the goal is to generate traffic on the website. Today, consumers are looking for the solutions they need directly on the Internet, so they must be able to find you quickly to identify you as a quality partner to meet their expectations.

Visibility is thus the essential aspect to achieve your sales objectives. It is first based on natural referencing thanks to keywords but can also be increased with paid referencing.

The 2 main techniques:

  1. Push marketing gets faster results (overnight). However, this technique pays off and the results stop when companies stop paying.
  2. Pull marketing is a free technique but it takes time because it relies on the natural referencing of your content.

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