How to Replace iPad Broken Screen

Both purchasing an Apple iPad and having the screen repaired are pricey. Unless the screen of your iPad has a little crack owing to defective glass (and there are no apparent signs of drop impact), get ready to whip out your credit card because Apple’s one-year warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage.

Despite our best efforts, mishaps can happen when using our smart devices. Although unintended, these mishaps frequently result in a cracked screen, which may completely spoil your day. If this occurs, what can you do to fix your iPad?

We’ll walk you through your options if you damage the screen of your iPad, whether you decide to use the manufacturer, a third-party repair facility, have an iPad replacement screen from SquareRepair, or do the repairs yourself.

Have Apple Fix it

When you have a cracked or broken iPad screen, you first should find out what Apple can do and how much it will cost for the iPad manufacturer to fix its device. The accidental damage caused by your cat knocking your iPad off the kitchen table and onto your stone floor at the wrong angle is not covered, even if the original one-year limited warranty still protects your iPad. Apple, a company that sells some of the most expensive gadgets on the planet, also costs a fortune to fix them.

If you have AppleCare, getting your screen changed by Apple is relatively affordable.

AppleCare costs $99 for two years, and a one-time service fee of $49 provides coverage for two incidences of accidental damage. You can purchase it immediately after a transaction, but you also have 60 days to do so.

If you don’t have AppleCare, your screen repair will run you around the same amount as a new (refurbished) iPad. Depending on the model, Apple will charge between $199 and $599 (plus tax) to fix a cracked iPad screen. That’s a lot, especially compared to the $129 to $149 it costs to fix an iPhone 7 screen that is outside of coverage.

You can mail your device to Apple for a $6.95 shipping fee if you can’t get to an Apple shop.

You can start a repair request on the Apple website if you want Apple to repair your broken tablet. Apple says, “You could have to pay the full replacement value if the issue with your iPad was caused by substantial damage from an accident or abuse.” Despite all that, getting Apple to repair or replace your broken iPad screen is the best choice if you have the money because a mended iPad is guaranteed to be restored to nearly new condition.

Third-Party Repairs

There are alternative locations where you can fix your iPad screen, but doing so will void your warranty. Any non-Apple employee who touches your cracked screen loses your warranty right away. And, yes, Apple can detect when a non-Apple employee opens your iPad. If your iPad is already out of warranty, there are other, perhaps less expensive, solutions available from third-party sellers, many of which have a good reputation. Consider the network of Apple Authorised Service Providers in your area as well; they could offer you a discount on an iPad screen repair. They are frequently not inexpensive either.

Ensure you have all the information before handing your iPhone over to a third-party repair facility, including cost, time frame, warranty, and the source of replacement parts, whether the facility is Apple-authorised or independent. Make sure you’re working with a trustworthy business, and always read online reviews in your area.

The last thing you want is a screen without cracks but with a defective component. Therefore you want to be sure the third-party provider will stand behind their labour and parts as they will nullify your Apple warranty. 

Do it Yourself

This alternative is not for the timid, but if you’re the daring sort, technically inclined, or just strapped for cash, several do-it-yourself kits for screen repair are available through the web to make sure to read reviews and feedback. Before disassembling your tablet, be sure you’re up for the task. Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Before disassembling your iPad, drain the battery to less than 25% for your safety. If the battery is unintentionally damaged while being repaired, this lowers the risk of fire. Precautions should be taken if your battery is bloated.
  • Be cautious while employing a battery blocker to isolate the battery. Battery contacts are susceptible to irreparable damage. If you finish the instruction without separating the cell, avoid using metal tools except to remove screws to avoid shorting the batteries and damaging delicate circuit components.
  • Make sure the screen repair kit you purchase is made for the gadget you are fixing before you buy it. Only a few gadgets have repair kits readily available, and one size only fits some.
  • Find out if you only damaged the LCD or touch mechanism or if the top layer of glass was also fractured. These are different types of harm.
  • Don’t forget to protect your eyes by using goggles.

Backup Your Files

Always make a backup of your iPad before opening it up for repairs, regardless of where you go or whether you can handle the task yourself. Thankfully, a lot of your data is already stored in the Cloud. However, it takes some preparation to preserve anything on your iPad. Before giving your iPad to someone else, think about performing a factory reset.

Additionally, you can reset your iPad to preserve your privacy. Please be aware that doing this will immediately delete your data before proceeding. That is why it’s so important to back up your data. You should also be aware that any Apple replacement device will be cleared. Transferring your backup data to another device while you wait for a repair is a rather quick and simple process if you wish to reset your iPad. It will be simple to start over using your backup if you choose a complete replacement.

Final Thoughts

You can purchase kits to repair the iPad screen’s glass and in-depth DIY instructions online, but it is significantly more difficult to replace the glass than the full touchscreen since you must first separate the glass from the touchscreen and then glue the new piece of glass to the old touchscreen. Leave those matters in the hands of experts. Square Repair is the best place to get your iPad’s screen fixed at an affordable price. Their technicians are highly trained, and they have an excellent reputation for delivering quality work.

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