How To Re-Order Blog Posts In WordPress? Step-By-Step Guideline For Beginners

Now WordPress is more popular than any other CMS (Content Management System) solutions used by 41.4% of popular websites. If you are using WordPress, you must know about the order type of blog posts in WordPress. As we know, WordPress displays new blog posts in sequential. But the problem arises when you want to rearrange your posts ups or down. You may think there is no easy way to do this in WordPress, but you will be amazed to learn how easily WordPress change post order.

Today, in this article, I am going to show you multiple ways in WordPress to change post order.

Why do You need to Re-order Blog Posts in WordPress?

Are you new to WordPress? And, just started a new blog, you may not need to re-order post, but when your blog grows and published more content, and this time you may want to bring your old published content in front of your users.

WordPress normally displays your blog posts in sequential. You can not simply get an old post to the first page. Suppose you have published 20 posts on your blog; now you want to bring the 30th number post on the first page. To do that, should you remove your first 19 posts? Of course not; depending on your need, I am sharing some cool techniques to display your older post in the first post of your blog.

Change Post's Published Date

Believe me, this the easiest way to re-order your blog post as you need, and it is the WordPress built-in functionality. So, to bring your older posts up, what you need to do?. Simply, change the post date with the current date and see the magic.

Let me clear, and if you want to bring an older post up, you have to change its date to be a newer date. Similarly, if you're going to move a post from up, you can change its date to be older. To do that, open your desired posts in edit mode, now look for the document on the right side of your screen. When you click on it, a calendar popup will come in front of you. Now you just have to change the date of the post which are relevant to your blog post.

Use Post Types Order Plugin

Is it possible to re-order posts without changing their dates?. Yes, it's possible, you can re-order your blog with the help of a plugin, and the plugin is completely free and almost supported all themes. The best part of the plugin is it has a drag and drop facility.

First, Log in to your WordPress dashboard and click on the plugin and add new. Now type "Post Types Order" in the search box. After you get the plugin, click on install and make sure you have activated it.

After activation of the plugin, you need to change some basic settings of the plugin. To do that, click on setting>Post type Order. From here, you need to select the post type order where you want to enable this plugin.

Use Sticky Posts Feature in WordPress

What if you want to make any specific post sticky. And is it possible without the help of any plugin? Yes, you can do this without any plugin. To do that, go to edit mode of your post and from the right side of your screen, look for "Document Panel" and check the box "Stick to the Front Page." After making your changes, just click on the Update button.

Now, when someone visits your site, they will see a pinned post on your website; depending on your theme, it may show a different style on your site.

Final Thought

I hope this article will definitely help you to learn the easiest ways to re-order your blog posts in WordPress. You may also like to see our awesome list of most wanted WordPress tips and tricks that you can use on your blog. To get more tips and tricks to make your WordPress journey more easy stay tuned with 99techpost.

Frequently Asked Question

In this section, I am going to cover some important questions to answer what most WordPress users need to know.

How do I organize my WordPress blog?

To organize your WordPress blog, you can follow this procedure: Try to follow a site structure. Always review your WordPress tags and post category and try to make relevant with your content. Create internal links to your blog post. Monitor your WordPress performance and look for broken links and fix them as soon as possible, and always try to keep your database cleaner

How do I show posts in descending order in WordPress?

To show posts ascending descending, First, you need to click on Manage Rules, then a new window will appear with a listing of all rules you created in front of your screen. Now, in General Settings, just choose In Order Ascending to display posts in ascending order or Descending to display posts in descending order.

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