How to Optimize Website for Mobile SEO

There was a time, people used to work on desktop, then moved forward to laptop, and, now, everyone can be seen using mobile. Everything is just a click away. All websites can be reached on mobile also, but, do you know what is required to make websites accessible on mobile, yes, for that, websites need to be optimized. Imagine, you have a website and it is not optimized then you are left behind. So, we will discuss how to optimize website for mobile SEO.

Why Optimize for Mobile?

Google has also confirmed that mobile SEO is necessary for ranking of your website on search engine. Mobile is an essential part of everyone’s life. All businesses, shopping is being done on mobile. According to”52.7% of global internet user access the internet via Mobile Devices.”

Difference between desktop and mobile optimization –

Optimization done on website made for desktop is not applicable for website on mobile. It will not work. User does not experience the same layout on mobile, for smaller screens you must optimize your website to give a better viewing experience. A website is accessible properly on a mobile when its content is aligned well, has easy navigation access to all pages.

For this, you should take the Mobile Friendly Test.

There are three ways to make website Mobile Friendly:

  1. Responsive web design,
  2. Dynamic Serving,
  3. Separate URLs.

How to Optimize website for Mobile SEO –

When it comes to mobile SEO, speed and usability are more important factors, as owning a website you can’t avoid mobile users. They are more interested in buying products form their phones than desktop. And, its impossible to carry desktop or laptop everywhere but, mobile is in everyone’s hand today.

So, let’s see what things to be kept in mind when doing Mobile SEO –

  1. Responsive –It is very basic thing that your website content must be according to screen size. There is a tool-Responsive Friendly Test to check if our website is mobile friendly or not.
  2. User friendliness –Second another feature of optimization is user friendliness. You are making website for user, so, it must be understood by the user your communication by the website. Information given in website must be to the point, navigation to all pages should be easy.
  3. Page Loading Speed –Page speed has become a ranking factor for mobile sites. Users don’t wait for loading of the page so, it’s another aspect of optimization. We can speed up by using tools like Google Pagespeed Insight. AMP is another feature to speed up the page. To speed up of the page, we can avoid landing page redirects, we can improve server response time, optimize images, leverage browser caching, etc.
  4. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) –AMP is an open-source project that allows mobile site content to render almost instantly. This initiative has been owned by Google. And now, it is supported by almost all social media like Twitter, Bing, Pinterest and others. By implementing AMP, you are providing great user experience, in fact, faster experience.
  5. Page Titles –Page titles must be short, you can do it by using keyword rich Meta titles. Title tags and meta descriptions tags are optimized for mobile to display in the search results. Google has increased the title tag length for mobile can add up to 75 characters.
  6. Local SEO Optimization –Tech companies get a lot of information from our phones. Google captures our behaviour on the web.This allows the search to a hyper-personalized level. If you target specific city or region, then you have to specify it. Google says 80% of “near me” searches come from mobile.

Conclusion –

Itwas all about Mobile SEO. These days, searching on mobile is instantly increasing. I am sure if followed above described points while doing Mobile SEO, you can make a great success.

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