How to Make an App like Discord?

Do you really love to explore the world of voice over especially while gaming online?

Have you really impressed with the wonderful features of Discord and are now looking forward to creating a discord likes an app yourself?

If YES, we will explore in detail what is discord and its features and how can you make a discord like an app easily. Stay connected with us if you really want to know how to make an app like discord.

What is Discord?

If you are a beginner and you really don’t have any idea about what Discord actually is and why to use it here is the detailed summary for you.

It is one of the finest Voice over IP applications that was basically designed to help gamers to stay connected with each other on an online gaming platform. Discord was basically introduced by Hammer and Chisel to help gamers but as the ways are expanding each second here, you can effortlessly use this platform for chatting, making friends, looking for groups on games, politics and even for dealing with cryptocurrency also.

Users are free to choose the option of making connections through multiple servers. One of the best things that make discord much familiar is that it offers a free server with extended limits for the users to work on. Users are free to make about 5,000 simultaneous connections on this server easily.

Features to explore on

Discord is one of the finest platforms being available in the market these days that you can use for establishing various things like:

  • Servers and Channels: Users are free to explore about 500 channels on each discord server. The source serves a great host for thousands of servers and also helps users in creating their own and sharing an invite link on social media sources also. Users are free to alter the join settings also.
  • Roles and permissions: Flexibility of managing channel is one of the most admiring things about Discord. It offers the user the freedom of assigning roles and permissions to the servers and channels here.
  • Chatting: As we all know the thing that discord is a voice over IP application, its primary function is to allow voice communication among the users. Discord makes it quite easier for users to stay connected with each other through voice and video calls over dedicated voice channels.
  • File-Sharing: File sharing through Discord is quite easy to perform. It offers a file upload limit of about 8MB for a free account. But if you are willing to extend it further you can easily extend it about 50MB just by using Discord Nitro subscription plan.
  • Screen sharing: It is another wonderful feature of Discord that makes it quite easier to share your PC or mobile screen with the other gamers at any time of usage.
  • Notifications: To enable seamless access throughout, users are being served with the consistent notifications here. They can easily stay connected with each other through this messaging app.
  • Message history: Users of discord are also free to check the message history very conveniently.
  • Easy integration: Easy integration is one of another wonderful feature that we all love about discord. Users here are free to integrate their user accounts and services with your chat app.

How to build up a Discord like an app?

Discord is really one of the largest platforms that own the trust of millions of subscribers globally. If you are willing to start up creating a Discord like an app here, just follow the given process very carefully. You just have to make use of suitable technology to make it easy happening.

  • High-end technologies such as Elixir, Erlang, Golang, C++ and Python can be used to create the server part of the application.
  • You can make use of technologies like React, Flux, and Electron to build up the user interface architecture of your discord like the app.
  • Java is the official language for developing android whereas Kotlin is the one that perfectly supports android development. A perfect blend of both Java and Kotlin can further provide you a perfect android platform where you can build up discord like the app.
  • In case if you are willing to make it for iOs application, Swift and Objective C would really be a great option to choose.

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