How to Make a MOV File Smaller for Use on Social Media

MOV is a renowned video file format that is meant for Mac devices. However, it can be converted to other formats to play on other devices. These files are not as small as the MP4 and other known types of video files. This limits their use unless you compress them to usable sizes.

If you are a “netizen” who loves to share videos online, you might compress some videos before uploading them. Various social media platforms offer specifications of the videos they allow users to post. Not only videos but also photos you may want to share on these apps.

With the current trend in online marketing, you will need to upload some videos to show your products to customers or even how to use a certain product. To avoid being limited in using your videos, you will have to ensure that the videos you have meet all the required specifications.

But, do you know how to make a MOV file smaller? Fortunately, there are several ways of reducing the size of video files. However, I want to be clear that though we have tens of video compressing tools, Wondershare UniConverter is the best of all. It comes in various versions to ensure that different customer needs are covered.

Why Wondershare UniConverter?

It takes a lot of research before one finds an amazing item even from a physical store. The same applies to software or apps because new ones are being developed each day. Though there are many video compressors you find on the internet, many experts opt to use Wondershare UniConverter.

When we look at its effectiveness compared to its price, it’s worth it. Unlike some video compressors, UniConverter offers a free version to be used by the poorest computer owner who may not afford an annual or monthly subscription.

The output of a converter or compressor is a key consideration when choosing it. Wondershare UniConverter gives high-quality output videos after compressing or converting them. This makes it a great video compressor. The output videos are known to have a better quality than the original file.

Though the three versions offered by this tool work almost the same, people love them because they can work on Mac and Windows operating systems. It’s an advantage when you have two machines and you want to use the MOV files on your Windows PC. This software will do it all to ensure convenience whenever you want to use your videos.

Being an all-in-one software, it will help you compress files for social media, convert video formats, record streaming videos, and burn DVDs.

Again, Wondershare UniConverter is an unbeaten option for those who want to save time in any operation. It’s superfast as it processes files 30X faster than the standard video compressors. In addition, it can compress a bulk of files at a go at the same speed.

In this article, we have various ideas on how to make a MOV file smaller on any computer:

How to Compress Videos with Wondershare UniConverter for Desktop.

For anyone who wants to work with a simple-to-use video compressing tool, this is the option to take. The steps are simple and hence anyone can follow them promptly. Read them to understand how you can reduce the size of your videos using this tool:

  1. Download and install Wondershare UniConverter on your Windows or Mac PC.
  2. Open it and click on the Add Files option to select the files you wish to compress. You can also drag and drop the videos to the program’s interface.
  3. Tap on the Settings button within the program’s window and click the Video tab. Select MOV.
  4. When you click the Edit button a pop-up opens to allow you to alter the video resolution. Tap the Create button to continue.
  5. If you have a list of videos you want to convert simultaneously, click the Start All button. Output video files will be saved in your preferred folder.

Converting the Video Format to MP4.

MP4 videos have considerably small sizes compared to MOV video files. This means that you can choose to convert the video format to achieve a smaller file that is easily uploaded on any social media platform.

There are multiple methods of converting video formats but you should opt for one that is convenient for you. The basic one is the use of a VLC media player which also allows you to change the video’s frame rate to achieve a compressed file.

If you want to try an advanced tool to change your videos’ frame rate, consider using the online UniConverter. It’s an online tool designed by Wondershare to help you achieve the standard videos that you may want to use on any of your social accounts. The best thing about this online tool is that it’s free to access and can perform multiple tasks on your videos. You can use it to split or merge your video clips and also crop videos. Don’t forget that you aren’t required to download it and can access it from any part of the world.

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