How to get the best performance out of Windows VPS

Because it is a cost-effective way to run servers, VPS services have become quite popular among businesses and individuals alike. It offers some of the best privacy solutions for websites and responsive support that can help with any kind of issue related to hosting. Another big advantage is that you don’t have to share your resources with other pages like users have to do on shared servers. Windows VPS is already reputable for its great, smooth performance, but there are additional ways to make it even better.

Optimize Apache Settings

Apache is an open-source software that is most widely used for web servers. It allows website owners to put out content on the web, so it is crucial to properly set up this program. Apache has a big effect on the general performance of pages and the VPS itself and using the default settings is simply just not enough.

To avoid efficiency drops in Windows VPS, users need to tweak several things on this software:

  • KeepAlive. This is used the browser and server connection agreement that allows the reuse of the same connection for data transfers. It should be on if a site receives low traffic, if it is the opposite, then turn it off. Set MaxKeepAliveRequests to a 100.
  • StartServers.The setting sets the number of child server processes created on start-up. The recommended value for this is 5.
  • MaxClients.It limits simultaneous requests. The maximum suggested amount should be 150.
  • MaxRequestsPerChild.Thisdirective restricts requests that a single child server process will handle. If it is exceeded, it will be terminated. For VPS, it is advised to set it to 300.

Tweaking these simple settings will help improve the performance of Windows VPS.

Optimize Content

To function properly, websites have a lot of additional scripts and plugins that need to be loaded. If the page has a lot of images and their size is quite big, it will take a longer time to do so. It means that the content is not properly optimized for the site and it is hindering the overall performance. That is why it is important to eliminate unnecessary text and leave only the essentials.


It takes a while for data to travel from one point of the internet to another. While Windows VPS adds significant speed to this transmission, faster rates can be achieved. Content Delivery Networks (CDN)allows storing static content on several different servers across different locations in the world. When a user requests specific info, it is then sent from the nearest region.

This improves the speed of data delivery by a lot and it turn websites load faster. Additionally, the servers don’t have to use additional resources for this task, and they can be put to better use, like server performance. You can also learn how to use the free virtual private server.

Use Caching

This process stores information in a cache, which is a temporary storage area. It is quite a popular method to speed up Windows VPS.  When certain files are frequently requested, the page can be reasonably slowed down, because it is using up a lot of resources.Therefore, caching is a simple solution as it uses data from other storages and not the main one.

Use updated versions of MySQL

It is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL), which is used for adding, accessing and managing content in a web database. It helps store and retrieve crucial webpage data and is very significant for Windows VPS.

It is important to keep it up to date as it ensures that all information is properly managed and saved. Some older versions are simply not compatible with VPS anymore. Worst case scenario, the use of outdated software can result in data loss. The newest MySQL edition will make sure that this doesn’t happen, and it will boost performance as each new update improves operation and response time of information storage.

When implemented, these tips will improve the speed of Windows VPS. This improvement will be beneficial in the long run as it will save precious server resources and reward the website users with faster page accessibility and loading times. A better experience for both hosts and visitors.

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