How to Edit a PDF on Mac – The Hassle-Free Guide to Work Smarter

Every one of us has already been familiar with the term “PDF” which stands for “Portable Document Format,” which is now considered the most in-demand file type that most people use nowadays. What makes it stand out among the rest of the traditional file types is that. It can be versatile whereas it can be used to display documents electronically regardless of the software, hardware, or operating system being used to view them. As mentioned, most people prefer using PDFs for work because of their secure feature, making them less likely to have the potential of being tampered with or reused for other people’s work without permission.

If you want to learn how to edit PDF on MacBook, note that it will not be easy since the original intention for PDF files was to retain and safeguard the content and layout of a document. Because of this, editing PDFs is difficult, and often even extracting information from them is much more complicated. Different PDF file types demand different approaches when interacting with them, such as when searching or extracting data.

How to Edit Text in PDF

Fortunately, consider that problem already resolved since you will learn these useful methods of how to edit a PDF on Mac. using the UPDF – Free PDF editor. When it comes to fundamental tools such as editing, the UPDF ensures you will get to access them like a professional.

  1. Start by navigating on top of your PDF document and click the “Edit” button to enter PDF editing mode so you can access the various tools for editing.
  2. From there, you can click any line you wish to edit, and once its border’s color changes to purple, double-click to activate text editing and perform the changes you want.
  3. The text’s properties can also be changed such as its font formats like size, font style, and alignment. Do these by dragging and highlighting the text.

The UPDF for Mac software enables users to bring out the best in making changes to PDF documents. The fact that this app lets you edit texts in just a few clicks just as mentioned, you can already consider yourself a professional despite not having to exert much effort. Editing PDF texts with the UPDF is simplicity at its finest since you get to perform these in a very elegant interface in which every button is comprehensive and easy to navigate.

How to Edit Images in PDF

Since you already know how to edit texts, you should also need to include editing images too.

  1. To start editing images, you shall do the same first step on editing texts which is to enter PDF editing mode by clicking the “Edit” button on top.
  2. From there, you can now select any images you wish to edit by clicking it and perform the settings you want to do once it shows.
  3. Rotating, cropping, and replacing the images are only a few which you can do by usingthe editing toolbar. Do the rest of your image edits by alternatively clicking the right click.

The UPDFPDF editor also values the images that are existing on your PDF documentsas well as being able to extract and add images to the document too. There are tons of options you can do when it comes to setting up images such as modifying their properties(size, orientation). The UPDF guarantees you will have a full editing experience, not just limited to editing texts on your documents but also images. You can also prefer the sodapdf to make the your PDF smaller.

How to Organize Pages in PDF

Now that you know how to edit a PDF file on Mac by mastering how to edit the two common elements of a PDFfile(texts and images), consider this a bonus to also be knowledgeable in editing the pages.

1.         This time, to edit the pages instead, click on the “Page” button on top which is directly on the left of the “Edit” button.

2.         You can do the majority of the changes you want to happen on the pages by navigating to the top panel which includes the selections to rotate left, rotate right, extract and delete. Note that you have to select the pages first to perform the changes.

3.         You can do these functions once you access the left panel which contains the choice of the specific pages on your PDF that you want to edit.

To cut to the chase, the UPDFPDF editor is not just the software that lets you perform quality edits to your PDF files, but also this app supports annotate PDF with many tools like highlights, underline, strikethrough, stamps, stickers etc. Also, UPDF for Mac supports converting PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Images, PDF/A and more. The main reason you should be convinced that this is the all-rounder application to complete your work experience hassle-free is that it has so much to offer when it comes to PDF editing. These include a collaborative feature that lets you share your documents with other users, and can annotate noteworthy elements found on your PDF. Lastly, the UPDF ensures that users get to have maximized convenience while reading and converting PDF files on their Mac devices which is why it is integrated with a PDF slideshow function. This tells you that all you need to do is sit back on your chair and enjoy reading the pages with convenience.

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