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E-Commerce will sooner or later displace offline sales. Global online stores already occupy a significant part of the market. And despite the great competition, the creation and opening of an online store, which will be known in the world, is still a good business idea with which to achieve great financial success. We tell you how to create an online store and why without competent tech support, in this case, it is not exactly possible.

How to open an online store

 There are a few rules without which you can not do without if you create a global online store, where there will be a lot of products and customers.

1. Server hardware must be of high quality because it is it that provides uninterrupted operation of the online store. Choose a reliable platform with the possibility of expansion for high-loaded projects.

2. You need to get a good team of technical support, ready to provide round-the-clock operation of the global online store in normal mode.

3. The structure of the project should be thought over at the stage of its development. It is important to be ready to scale the service. Each successful online store has to expand because it is a natural need at the stage of increasing profits. It is necessary to create new qualitative content, to expand the geography of coverage of users, to raise the functionality of Internet shop.

4. Be prepared to invest large sums in the creation and development of an online store. The project development stage alone will require substantial investments. On the development of exactly is not worth saving, as in the case of errors can be a large loss. The development will require investments in advertising. Use all channels to attract traffic: contextual advertising, social networks, SEO and so on.

5. Creating a global online store will require significant time and financial costs. You will not be able to cope alone, so get ready for teamwork. Gather like-minded people, form a project office. Implementation of such projects can take months or even years, Excessive haste can interfere, but do not delay the implementation, waiting for the right time. Go ahead, solve the issues as they come in.

Graphic design

It is extremely important that the finished product is enjoyed by millions of users from all over the world who have a different mentality, tastes, and interests. To do this, navigation is made as easy as possible.

The store logo must have a meaning that is easy to read by every visitor. For example, the logo of the world-famous Amazon is the letters A to Z and the arrow pointing upwards to the right. This logo has the understanding that there is everything from A to Z in the store.

The color scheme of your logo should not tire your eyes. The tone design of pages and site elements is chosen individually. If the design will be worked out qualitatively, the retention of the target audience will be high, as well as conversion.

Product card development

This is a big moment. Form the cards so that they contain all the key information about your products. The better the cards are designed, the easier it is to sell. Try to design products so that users have the opportunity to know the rating of the product, read the reviews of other consumers. Offer your customers modern analytical tools so that they can assess the advantages and disadvantages of each thing.

Be sure to use forms to collect feedback. Store customers will understand that their opinion is really important and will be useful for other customers.

It is worth noting the excellent upsell app, that might increase your customers’ average bill.

Store technical support

The platform and database that you use to process a lot of information must be reliable. Even a minute of downtime on large platforms will bring huge losses. For example, when Amazon was only 49 minutes out of operation, the damage was estimated at $5.7 million.

A customer may have questions at any stage of the order process. Therefore, they should always be able to get an answer from technical support. The sooner operators answer user questions, the higher the conversion will be. Nobody likes a long wait, especially when there is such a high level of competition among stores.

Separately, it should be noted the need to organize multi-language support for the global online store. This, too, will increase conversion.

Storage and processing of data

To do this, you will have to acquire a large number of powerful servers. This will be required if the project is to be launched internationally. For example, the online store Amazon already has more than thirty data centers, and another dozen and a half servers exist so far at the design stage. The total capacity of the equipment is about 600 MW, which is equivalent to a million average computers.

How to scale your shop

The global online store is being created to attract the largest possible flow of customers, and as their number increases, the popularity of the site itself will grow.

Use all traffic sources to develop the site. Social networks currently provide huge opportunities to attract a large number of visitors. Run advertising campaigns in the context-media network. Be sure to optimize the content on pages in terms of SEO.

But do not forget that as traffic increases, the number of transactions will increase and you will need to process a lot of data. This can cause many problems in the service. Therefore, you should design the system for heavy loads in advance. E-Commerce will have to scale up many times as its popularity increases.


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