How to Compare VPS Web Hosting Reviews

If you’re in the market for a new VPS web hosting plan, then you need to begin by reading web hosting reviews. The problem is that there are so many web hosting review websites, and many of them are unreliable. It’s common practice for these websites to earn affiliate commissions on the reviews they write. Some of them can overcome the associated bias that comes with earning money for driving traffic. But many cannot. So how do you determine which VPS web hosting reviews are legitimate, and which ones are not worth the time?

Look at the Pros and Cons of Each Hosting Review

First and foremost, look for reviews that give both positive and negative feedback on the companies that they cover. If a VPS web hosting review only speaks to the positive aspects of a hosting plan, without at least touching on its negative attributes, then it’s likely an unreliable source. Look for web hosting review websites that include both pros and cons about the companies they list. You may find that they put more focus on the positive aspects of a hosting plan. So, pay close attention to the details. There are many positive and negative aspects of a VPS, and many uses to consider. Additionally, you may find that some hosting review sites will completely trash some of the companies that they list. Pay close attention here, too, to make sure that it’s not just a competitor trying to slander the competition.

See How Many Plans They Compare

Take a look at a cloud VPS hosting company on the first website that you consider. Once you determine whether it’s written well, see how many other VPS hosting plans the review website lists on their pages. If they show fewer than ten options, then they probably don’t have a good enough sample size to glean any usable information. If on the other hand, it lists hundreds of hosting plans, then it might be too much information to process, unless they’ve got good filters to narrow down your search. The best places to start will be web hosting review websites that list upwards of ten reviews, but not so many that you become confused and unable to make a decision.

Check the Range of Star Ratings

Does the review give a star rating for the hosting plan? If not, then it probably means you should move on to another review website However, if they do show star ratings, then it’s time to dig deeper. Many companies will rate hosting plans on a zero to five-star scale. Some may use a ten-star scale. Whatever the case, the most important thing to look at is the range of ratings. If every review on the website is a five-star review, then it probably means that the ratings are meaningless and it’s time to try another website. On the other hand, if they’ve got reviews ranging from one to five stars, or more, then it probably means that they’ve at least put some thought into the star ratings. Don’t pick a VPS hosting plan based on star ratings alone. But, do consider them in your selection process.

See How In-Depth They Go With VPS Reviews

Oftentimes, review websites will do a good job with their range of star ratings. They’ll even list some pros and cons for each of the plans they list. But how in depth do they go, beyond these initial data points? Look for review websites that go into detail on the plans they describe. A good format is for a review website to summarize the pros and cons of each plan, followed by a longer essay that goes into further detail. In this essay, they should also provide some opinion-driven information.

Look for more details in the essay portion of a review, that might not be present in the summary of pros and cons. You want to know that the reviewer took their time with understanding the plan, and the company, beyond just summarizing the information available on the hosting company’s website.

Read More Reviews

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of how to interpret the quality of a VPS hosting plan review, it’s time to get started. But, don’t rely on a single resource for your information. Instead, find two or three websites that appear reliable and which have somewhat conflicting information. Then, compare plans across multiple hosting companies. Read the reviews on this core list of websites. If they have some degree of consistency, then broaden your search. Consider different hosting options and look at a few more reviews on other websites. See if you find the same patterns, and make your decision accordingly.

Make a Decision on Your Web Hosting Service

Whatever you do, don’t continue to put off this important decision. Figure out which hosting plan is right for you, and then get started. You don’t need the perfect hosting service to launch a website. You just need one that’s good. Once you find that, upload your files and start driving traffic. Then, over time, you can consider switching plans if you find a better option.

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