How Technology is changing the Auto Industry

How Technology Is Changing the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry has proven itself time and again as one of the biggest gainers of the technological revolution. As smartphones have continued their evolution as gadgets for more than just calls, so too have vehicles gone past the stage of just driving and parking.

Technology has since refined everything from how cars are used to how they consume fuel. Today’s car is a smart device capable of some level of autonomy and user interaction. Solar, electric and hybrid energy systems have also found their way in. Certainly, the future of cars will be very much different from its early days with Henry Ford. Here are a few ways technology has changed the automotive industry and improved the driving experience.

 Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency movement is raging on at full speed. Initially within the realms of a future dream, a slew of hybrid, solar and electric vehicles have made their way into the market in recent times. These vehicles can travel hundreds of miles without needing refueling, on a single charge. 2016 alone saw the sale of over 2 million electric vehicles. Today, VW, General Motors, Toyota, Hyundai and Volvo are among some elite brands to have electric or hybrid cars, and it is expected that about 25% of all vehicle sales in the US will be electric by 2030. The end of the internal combustion engine is almost here.

Smart Technology

Smart technology has taken root in the automotive industry, in a manner that is only comparable with the cell phone industry. Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay are foremost in this technological drive in the industry, but there are other players too. The result is that you can now find maps, play music, answer calls, and even have your messages read out from the dashboard. With voice controls, touch screens, and gesture controls now finding their way in, these features are safer now than when they were first introduced.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving can be considered the greatest auto revolution of the 21st century. As manufacturer’s edge closer and closer to fully self-driven cars, we are beginning to feel the effect in our regular cars of today. Advanced cruise control, emergency braking systems, and parking assistance technologies have already been introduced to limit collisions and,thus, reduce road accidents. With the intuitive road-user interpretive software from Google continuously learning and improving, cars will soon be able to make intelligent decisions by themselves.

We can only expect further improvements as the years go by. One certainty that we can hold on to is that these three technologies discussed above will be at the forefront of the automotive industry’s advancements. As you await future advancements, though, be sure to care for your current vehicle. Thankfully, the internet has also changed car care, and you can now buy parts like Ryco Filters, Disc Brakers, and more online without having to leave your home.

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