How Hackers Can Get into Your Computer Systems

As far as business concerns go, making sure that your company is safe from the nefarious attacks of hackers has to be one of the most important out there. This is because hackers are highly skilled individuals who are able to get into any system they want with enough dedication and talent. This means that you have to be extra cautious about the steps that you should be taking in order to make sure that your computer systems are safe from the effects of hackers. If you are wondering what you should do, then it is incumbent upon you to read the rest of this specially created guide.

Unprotected Wi-Fi

There is a reason why cyber-security experts all agree that you should never use public Wi-Fi. This is because public Wi-Fi networks simply aren’t secure, meaning that hackers often use the threats that they pose as an easy backdoor into your system. This means that you should definitely be making sure that you install Wi-Fi with a dedicated and trusted company as a result. Additionally, you should also ensure that your Wi-Fi is protected by a constantly changing, alphanumeric password that no hacker could ever guess. If you have a public Wi-Fi system, you are basically begging hackers to attack you.

Phishing Schemes

One of the classic schemes that hackers use and have a lot of success with is phishing. These are relatively simple schemes, and to put it bluntly, they rely upon people who do not have the skillset to be able to easily identify the fact that they are being scammed. This is when hackers send an email to someone stating that they need them to send some critical information or to click on a compromised link, from which they are able to gain backdoor access into a company or individual’s system. It is likely that you are aware of the threats that can exist through a phishing scheme, but your employees might not be. This is why you should definitely invest in a course that gives them a crucial introduction to information security.

Back Door Hacking

One of the most generic schemes that a hacker — like the Russia-linked ones that deployed SolarWinds — might use to get into your system is back-door hacking. This is where they are able to use malware in order to find an entry point into your system, from which they might be able to steal a variety of information. If you would like to make sure that back-door hacking doesn’t occur, then you should definitely be making sure that you install anti-virus software.

Trojan Horse

Named after the trojan horse of mythical legend that seemed like a nice gift from the Greeks that allowed them to enter the city of Troy, a trojan horse is a program that seems to be given to a company or individual for a helpful reason, but is actually intended to compromise their systems. You should always be suspicious of any program that arrives in order to make sure that you are not compromised. If in doubt, just do not open.

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