How Golf Courses Should Market to Millennials

More than once have millennials been accused of killing golf. It is an undeniable fact that this game is not that popular amongst generation Y, but whose fault is it? Are millennials to busy scrolling through their Instagram profiles and staring at their phones to engage in any kind of physical activity that actually involves speaking to a human being face to face and moving their muscles, or has golf industry still not figured out a way to make this sport more appealing to these folks?

Attracting millennial golfers requires looking at the golf operation a little bit differently. Updating technological features, changing course culture and coming up with better product offerings is a necessary step managers or golf club owners need to take to increase membership.

Becoming active on social media

Only 15 % of millennials are not on social media, so if you want to reach them you will need to create Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat accounts. Of course, each of these platforms requires a different type of content, so learning how to properly leverage each platform is a must. Since the length of a YouTube video is unlimited, you can hire a professional videographer to fly a drone over each whole and create an evergreen content you will be able to use to advertise the course to people of all ages. On the other hand, Instagram only allows up to 60 seconds of video footage, so shoot a great hyper-lapse video with the drone of one tricky hole and let your PGA pro discuss the best ways to approach it. When it comes to Facebook, the best thing about this platform is its engagement, so upload this hyper-lapse video and ask other users to share their opinions and tips on how they would approach this hole. Use the best comments to create a blog for your website. Click here and see what types of articles you could publish on your blog.

Developing a smart mobile application

Anything that requires more than a few clicks on their phone sounds too complicated for millennials. This generation wants to do everything as easy as possible, and that includes booking tee times online through their smartphones. If they have to call or visit a website to book their round, they most likely won’t do it. Therefore, creating an accessible app that allows them not only to make reservations, but also to find out everything they need about the course and connect with preferred playing partners. With a simple mobile app, you will also get a powerful marketing platform that will allow you to send push notifications, promote various offers and easily engage your younger clients.

Activating member for a day program

A lot of private golf clubs are struggling with a decline in their membership levels. While their regular clients are getting older, younger audiences are just not that interested in these memberships. One way to become closer to younger crowds and to rebuild interest in purchasing a membership is to offer a member for a day program. Millennials crave experiences, but they might not be willing to pay for a full membership fee just so they could participate in a new activity. With a daily membership, members of generation Y will be able to see that the exclusivity and premium level of service is worth the cost. On the other hand, selling these packages on days where the course could benefit from additional income can make the tee sheet full again.

Expanding the offer

As mentioned, millennials crave new experiences, so golf should be presented as an experience and spending time with friends in a gorgeous landscape is definitely one to remember. However, an unforgettable round can be quickly tainted by an unexceptional experience at the restaurant. No matter how great the course is, the restaurant needs to be amazing as well. An easy way to interest millennials in your club is to follow food trends they're talking about. For example, members of generation Y love craft beers so offer a better selection of beverages and make sure you are tracking sales and purchases with a good POS.

Believe it or not, millennials are not that difficult to satisfy. With some modern technological features and better product offerings, golf courses can drive significant interest from younger players.


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