Web Hosting Provider Affects SEO

Does a web host influences or impacts Search Engine Optimization? If the answer's yes, then what are the things that you must know as an online business owner?

A web hosting provider is a company that'll host your site, which can then influence your SEO efforts in many ways. With that said, an excellent hosting provider can help you reach your SEO goals. However, a bad one can restrict and limit your SEO efforts.

To better understand how do web hosting providers affect SEO, here's a comprehensive explanation. But first, let us define and elaborate what SEO web hosting is.

What Does SEO Web Hosting Means?

The term SEO web hosting doesn't have a formal explanation yet, but it's not a product or a method. It's a term that most individuals use to define a hosting company that's SEO-friendly.

Although an SEO-friendly web hosting provider doesn't provide anything special that could aid your SEO efforts, it also doesn't do any harm to your SEO.

How Do A Web Hosting Provider Affects SEO?

SEO is a bunch of protocols that webmasters can put to their websites so that it will gain more visibility and exposure to various search engines such as Google. And those protocols are, for the most part, affected and related by web hosting providers — for example, availability, SEO awareness, performance, and security.

Website Performance

Website speed is one of the many crucial SEO factors. Plus, it's one of the things that significantly affect on page SEO. To be able to read some of the most valuable SEO benefits, your site should and must load quickly.

Not only you can take advantage of some SEO benefits, but you can also provide the better user experience.

To make your site load as fast as possible, you, more often than not, need at least two important things — first, an excellent web hosting provider and an excellent coded website with well-optimized photos and code.

Second, an alternative hosting provider if the first one doesn't have enough resources, especially the hardware.

Website Uptime

Website availability is yet another crucial determinant that dramatically impacts your rankings in search engines, most especially Google.

For the most part, Google does not like to redirect users to sites that aren’t visible and available 24/7. That is why Google verify and, whether permanent or temporary eradicate unavailable websites from their indexed sites.

Web hosting providers are the ones responsible for the availability and uptime of your website. If they fail to do so, it can, like it or not, hurt your online presence.

And worst is if it happens without you knowing, especially if you do not apply any monitoring tools, then you’re likely to lose traffic and customers.

Website Security

You can do everything in your power to ensure the security if your site. However, if the web hosting company doesn’t take all the necessary measures to do the same, then you won’t achieve anything. An unsecured website is prone to malware attacks, which may result in domain blacklisting and de-indexing. Many hosting providers provide the free SSL for website.

Search Engine Optimization Awareness

If your hosting company doesn’t know anything or even the basic principles of SEO, then there’s a high likelihood that they can hurt your SEO efforts because they don’t know what they’re doing. For instance, there are some cases where a web hosting provider shuts down a website because of high traffic.

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5 Tips on Choosing an SEO-friendly Hosting Provider

Not all web hosting providers are a good fit for you and not all are SEO-friendly. Having said that, here are five tips on how to choose an SEO-friendly and good web hosting provider for your website or online business.

Your Hosting Needs

First of all,  you should know what your hosting needs are. Once you know, it’ll be much easier for you to choose a hosting provider. Do you need a Shared Hosting plan or a Virtual Private Server? Do you need something that’s more scalable and secure? you can also choose hosting from Best web hosting.

Data Center

Does a web hosting provider resells services for other hosting provider or do they have a data center of their own? Do they adhere to outdated procedures and hardware or do they adhere to the latest methods and hardware?


To get a better understanding of a particular web hosting company, know what their customers have to say about them.

Read reviews. Are their customer satisfied with their support, services, and uptime percentage? Scout, the web for reviews, visit their social media pages and forums. Do they engage and respond with their customers accordingly?


When you’re looking for reviews, also take the time to assess the reputation of the hosting company. What do experts and other people say about their services? Is it an inexpensive and affordable provider with an outdated design and slow home page?

Years in Business

Although years in business isn’t,  for the most part, a quality factor in choosing a hosting provider. However, a company that is in the industry for years has more experience and knowledge indeed compared to a start-up.

Also, it can mean that they must be doing all the right procedures. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have survived for decades.


Web hosting providers have a significant role to play in the success of your website or online business.

While there aren’t any SEO hosting companies, for now, there are ways for which you can choose a web hosting provider that’s trustworthy and reliable. And one that can protect your site from any harmful attacks such as security risks, downtime, and slow loading speeds.

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