Getting Clients: Does Cold Emailing Work in 2019?

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Cold emailing is the online equivalent of cold calling, except it's much less obtrusive. Unsolicited calls are often the last thing a potential client may want. Meanwhile, a cleverly targeted email has a far better chance of capturing attention. Even in 2019, it's still a solid prospecting technique, both for a B2C and a B2B enterprise.

A lot of cold emailing depends on the right marketing proposal template. This strategy of earning new customers is only as successful as your understanding of the way the method works. Does cold emailing work in 2019? To be able to answer the question, you need to find out how to make cold emailing work for you.

1) Understand Your Ideal Customer

An Ideal Customer is a customer that you know well. The thing that differs cold emailing from simple spam is, for the most part, targeting. You don't want to be sending thousands of emails to completely random businesses. It might work for some businesses, but in many cases, it may prove unsuccessful.

The best way to ensure that your emails are reaching the right target audience is simply putting yourself in their shoes. What kind of customers is going to be interested in your business? What type of business would want to work with yours? Don't damage your brand name by attempting to interest people who are completely out of your target audience.

2) Be Professional, But Personal

Gone are the days of official, boring emails. These days we are all showered with so many emails per day, both at work and in our personal lives, that we have developed a habit of simply closing them without reading. This is why a proper marketing proposal template is so crucial.

Many marketing specialists recommend cutting out some of the distance that lies between you and the potential customer. As you only have a limited time before their attention shifts elsewhere, you have to make it count. A long line like "To Whom It May Concern" is not going to convince them to keep reading. You need to find a way to keep them interested. Keeping that in mind, remember step one - always adjust your emails to your target audience. Address the customer in the way they address others.

3) Make It About Them

Everything you say in a cold email should serve to tell your potential customer why they need your business. Naming your own qualities won't have the desired effect - you need to talk about them. Think about the type of problems they may have, and how you could fix them. Research their company and word your proposal in a way that will assure them that they want to work with you.

Wrap Up

In conclusion: cold emailing still works in 2019, and it remains among the most successful marketing techniques. The catch is that it has to be done well. Get to know your customer, prepare a good marketing proposal template, and you will start seeing results in no time.

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