7 Must Have Cruise Gadgets For Your Next Sea Adventure


Taking a cruise is an amazing adventure and one that you won’t forget any time soon. Although your cruise will no doubt be lovely, packing for it can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare.

Because cruises are often quite long, you packing list can become quite extensive! Despite this, there are a handful of neat gadgets that will make your cruise experience all the more better. Although they won’t suit everyone, most of them have come in pretty handy for myself on a number of occasions.


If there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget to pack, it’s a powerstrip! Anyone who has cruised before will tell you that there aren’t that many plug sockets within a cabin. In our modern world of devices such as laptops, smartphones, camera etc, you can never have enough power outlets. I would recommend bringing a power strip with at least 4 outlets to be on the safe side. When deciding on a powerstrip, choose the smallest size you can!

Wireless Router

Although annoying, most cruises will make you pay for wireless. Generally it’s quite good, but this does vary from ship to ship. However, when ashore each day, you’ll probably struggle to find any free wireless. This is why you should bring a small Wireless Travel Router. These create a secure Wi-Fi hotspot that you and your family can use. Just hook it up to your laptop via the USB and you’re ready to go!

Flexible Tripod

Flexible tripods like the Jolby tripod are incredibly handy both on land and at sea. These really come into their own during expedition-style cruises when you’re taking photos of wildlife. You can literally wrap a flexible tripod around a tree branch or lay it flat on the ground for an eye level shot. They’re also not too expensive and can easily grip onto a cruise ship rail or something similar.

Waterproof Smartphone Case

On most warm-weather cruises you’ll get plenty of opportunities to visit beaches and go for some beautiful swims. As you’ll be around water quite frequently, it’s a great idea to bring a waterproof smartphone case. These are not bulky at all and you can get some great shots of the partner or kids on the beach or by the pool without the worry of damaging your phone.

Smartphone adaptor for tv

Cruises are famous for having incredible entertainment facilities. Aboard the major cruise lines you can expect cinemas, ice-rinks, climbing walls, pools, theatres and much more! However, some times you just want to chill out in your cabin and watch a movie. Using a smartphone abroad on your cruise can give you the time out you need. Therefore, I suggest bringing a smartphone adaptor for your tv HDMI slot. The will allow you to project the films onto your larger cabin tv for better viewing.

Language translator

These are really nifty little gadgets that always come in useful, especially when cruising. Because cruises tend to visit different cities and countries on a day-to-day basis, the local language is continually changing. This can make it difficult to keep up! Luckily, there are now tons of handheld language translators. I suggest going for one that does the speaking for you - this way the locals will actually understand! Or you could try the earbud options.

Underwater Camera

If you’re travelling on a fair-weather cruise, you simply cannot go without an underwater camera! Look for a lightweight option that records at full HD. If it can transfer images via wireless then all the better! A great budget option is the Kodak Action Cam SP1. This will give you everything you need during your beach breaks and snorkelling sessions.


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